Will Cardinal Rivera and Cardinal Vallini Be Replaced? Personnel Decisions for Mexico and Rome

May 23, 2017

Will Cardinal Rivera and Cardinal Vallini Be Replaced? Personnel Decisions for Mexico and Rome

By Andrew Parrish


(katolisches.info – ROME/MEXICO CITY) – Katolisches.info reports on rumors that Cardinal Rivera Carrera of Mexico City and Cardinal Vicar Agostino Vallini of Rome will shortly be replaced by the Pope with new cardinals more favorable to the Holy Father’s agenda. This continues the widely-acknowledged process of replacing “conservative” cardinals with “progressive” ones, in the hopes of influencing future Papal elections to cement Pope Francis’ remodeling of the Church’s direction.

Cardinal Carrera will turn 75 on the 6th of June, necessitating his resignation from the College of Cardinals. He is not a figure in good standing with the Vatican, having sharply criticized the “badly advised” and “improvised” address of the Pope to the assembled Bishops of Mexico in February of last year. Carrera critiqued Christophe Pierre, then apostolic nuncio to Mexico, as a “poor counselor”; Pierre was shortly afterwards promoted to the important position of nuncio to the United States.

There are two possibilities for the replacement: Monsignor Carlos Aguiar Retes, whose elevation to Cardinal on November 19th was predicted by many Mexican Catholics because of Aguiar’s “Bergoglian orientation”. Msgr. Retes seems to have been groomed for the position for some time. Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña, a well-informed Latin American observer, has now also pointed to Monsignor Jorge Carlos Patron Wong, former Bishop of Papantla. Msgr. Wong has close ties to the favored Christophe Pierre.

In Rome, the Pope’s Vicar, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, has much less friction with the Vatican, raising no objection to the promulgation of Amoris Laetitia or, as katholisches.info notes, to the Pope’s controversial comment that the majority of Catholic marriages were “invalid”. Nevetheless rumors persist that an even more amenable Cardinal Vicar will shortly be announced, though no particular candidate seems to have emerged.

Translated from the original German with the aid of Google Translate.


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By Andrew Parrish

Andrew Parrish is a 2015 graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland. He holds a BA in Philosophy.

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