2008’s Seven Hottest Rosaries According To Google

December 29, 2008

2008’s Seven Hottest Rosaries According To Google

By John Quinn

December 29, 2008 - According to Google the Rosary is a hot item. How hot? Well, Google Adwords Analytic Tool estimates over 1.5 million monthly web searches include the term Rosary. You can expect to see a 20% increase during October, the month of the Rosary.

This trend shocks many as the 1960's witnessed a strong push to be a more "modern Church" and saw this antiquated devotion as "past its prime." With over 40 years to judge the fruits of the new "modern Church," many are seeing that there could be a direct correlation with with the fall of devotion to the Rosary and the fall of fidelity to the Catholic Church.

People are wanting a change, and according to Google it looks like the change is nothing new but something old. Saints like St. Louis de Montfort and St. Robert Bellarmine referred to the Rosary as "the weapon." And people are longing for a weapon to fight evil. It looks like the Rosary is that weapon.

Here's 2008's Hottest Rosaries.
Note: This list will not include the most searched for Rosary terms like "how to pray the Rosary," just which Rosaries are the most popular.
  1. "Rosaries" - This is easily the largest search, mainly because it is a catch-all phrase. Here people are looking for any particular rosary, something that will touch the heart. Over 60,000 monthly searches.

  2. "Silver Rosary" - Barely beating out gold Rosary, people are wanting a high end heirloom or they want the beautiful look of silver. There were approximately 28,000 searches with the term silver and rosary.

  3. "Gold Rosary" - Nothing is more precious than gold in the earthly realm and when adding gold to the rosary it makes for a beautiful connection between Heaven and earth. 26,000 searches.

  4. "Wooden/Wood Rosary" - A well-made wooden rosary has a very good feel to it and is perfect for children or cost-conscious prayer warriors. With the exception of plastic Rosaries, the wooden Rosary is used most as an evangelization tool, given as a free gift to encourage devotion to the Rosary. 5,300 searches.

  5. "Crystal Rosary" - This could be the most popular Rosary. Everyone seems to have one of these, be it real or fake. 2,000 searches.

  6. "Celtic/Irish Rosary" - Everybody wants to be Irish, or at least have a green rosary (especially on St. Patrick's Day.) 1,600 searches.

  7. "Pearl Rosary" - Pearl Rosaries are beautiful. An excellent choice to hand down through the generations. 960 searches.

While contemplating your New Year Resolutions, how about making one that will improve your spiritual life while building up the Body of Christ. Pray the Rosary daily.

God bless you and Happy New Year.

Reprinted with permission of St. Robert Bellarmine’s Blogspot http://saintrobertbellarmine.blogspot.com
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