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CruxMag's Allen: Colombia is a Virtual FrancisMartyr Factory!

By Frank Walker

        Created by Priests Who Put the Poor at the Center of the Gospel


At CruxMag, John Allen is amazingly candid about the blatant socialist politicization of Catholicism in our new FrancisChurch.  If it's a done deal, why hide it?  Celebrate!

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – If you’ve ever wondered what happens while being held prisoner for three days by one of the world’s last remaining Marxist guerrilla movements, Bishop Héctor Julio López Hurtado of Colombia has a somewhat surprising answer: A remarkable amount of time can be devoted to dinner.

López, now 73, was kidnapped at gunpoint in 1997 by a band of teenage soldiers belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known by its Spanish acronym FARC. The guerrillas had imposed a travel ban in zones under their control to protest a pro-peace referendum, and grabbed López and 11 companions as he was making pastoral visits.

“They never mistreated us, and we were never afraid for our lives,” López recalled in a Monday interview at the Bogotá headquarters of his Salesian religious order. “The main frustration at first was boredom, because we had nothing to do.”

That problem was solved on day two, he explained, because the family home where his group was being held ran out of food. Two of the FARC guerrillas took a couple of their prisoners and went in search of something to eat, returning with a cow they claimed had been presented to them as a gift by a local peasant.

“I told them, you can’t seriously think that was a gift,” López said. “If you come up to somebody with machine guns and ask them for their cow, who’s going to say no?”

Much of the rest of the day, López said, was devoted to slaughtering the cow and cooking it, preparing half of the meat for transport up into the mountains to feed other members of the FARC forces. At the end, the group had what amounted to a cookout in the garden of the house.

So, did López at least get a good meal out of the experience?

“I didn’t actually eat any of the meat,” he said, “because I couldn’t bring myself to benefit from something I knew had been stolen.”

Although López survived his brush with danger no worse for the wear and tear, many of his fellow clergy haven’t been so lucky. According to the Colombian bishops’ conference, 85 priests, two bishops, eight religious men and women, and two seminarians have been killed in the country since 1984.

Those deaths mostly came as part of one of the longest-running civil wars in the world, which has been underway in this Latin American nation of 48 million for more than 50 years and has claimed an estimated 220,000 lives.

So if this bishop was kidnapped by guerillas, did he represent the right-wing government?  On the other hand if he was on the Right, why did he and his captors all seem like such nice friends? Either way, if a war is 50 years long it's not a war.  It's a way of life.

For the most part, the conflict pits the Colombian government against two main rebel forces: FARC and its rival ELN, the National Liberation Army.

(ELN was founded in the 1960s, with its most famous early proponent being a progressive Catholic priest-turned-guerrilla named Camilo Torres. Over the years it was led by a series of other priests who upheld the liberation theology movement, which seeks to place the Church on the side of the poor.)

Is the Church something you can 'place' somewhere? Does the Church take a 'side' in a class dispute?  Can the Church be used for something?

It's amazing to me that the writer admits these groups were founded by Liberation Theology priests.  In fact, that's exactly what Liberation Theology was created to do, found radical movements which would usher Communism into Latin America.

Today, many critics say both the FARC and ELN maintain a veneer of Marxist conviction, but in reality often operate like criminal gangs, with deep ties to Colombia’s drug trade.

Has it ever been different?  Marxism has always been a veneer.

At the moment, representatives of the government and the rebel forces are meeting in Havana in peace talks, though hopes for a breakthrough dimmed in April when the FARC ruptured a cease-fire by killing 11 soldiers in the national army, leading the army to retaliate with attacks that left 26 FARC rebels dead.

López expressed skepticism that the talks will produce much, based in part on his personal experience of serving for almost 14 years in a FARC-dominated zone in the western part of the country.

“I don’t have much faith, to be honest,” he said. “The guerrillas don’t keep their word. Basically, peace talks usually amount to a period of time to re-arm and to get stronger.”

He also predicted the violence will get worse in the short term, as FARC fighters leave their hideouts in Colombia’s vast forests and launch additional attacks in an effort to boost their bargaining position.

López said his kidnapping reinforced his bleak view of the prospects for a quick end to the conflict.

When he was first detained, he said, he explained to FARC’s teenage gunmen that because he was a bishop, taking him prisoner would produce bad press. It turns out he was wasting his breath, because these teenagers had no idea what a bishop was.

“They were born without God and without law, and they’ve never had any contact with the Church,” he said.

López said he tried to engage the young fighters in dialogue, but found them “terse” and “indoctrinated,” wanting to talk mostly about their struggle to defend Colombia against imperialism.

Not even a trace of Catholic culture remains in these poor boys.  How did this happen?  What was Columbia like before priests became simply thuggish Marxists 'on the side of the poor?'

Allen closes with a wave of ghoulish excitement for the new FrancisChurch 'martyr.'

When the late Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador was beatified last Saturday, many experts said the deep significance of the act was a redefinition of the Church’s concept of martyrdom. It’s no longer necessary to be killed in explicit hatred of the faith to be recognized as a martyr – it’s enough to give one’s life in defense of the poor, human rights, and basic human welfare.

If that’s the standard, Colombia during its long civil war has been a factory for producing such martyrs.

Archbishop Isaías Duarte Cancino of Cali, for instance, was assassinated in 2002 for denouncing atrocities committed by both the FARC and the ELN. López said that in his former diocese of Granada alone, he personally knew four or five teachers in Catholic schools killed for trying to persuade their students not to take up guns, either with the guerrillas or various right-wing paramilitary groups formed to combat them.

Pope Francis has taken every opportunity to capitalize off blood and murder in his quest to wipe Catholicism free of its doctrine.  No, the Devil does not know that beheaded protestants and Catholics are united in Faith!  There is no such thing as an 'ecumenism of blood.'  There is only unity in truth.  A martyr is someone who dies for the Faith, not for human rights, whatever that means.

Allen's got one thing right though.  It looks like Columbia is a factory for FrancisMartyrs.  But that doesn't make any of them saints, or even Catholic.



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<![CDATA[ Abp. Vincenzo Paglia: Men Like This Make Saints in FrancisChurch ]]>
Abp. Vincenzo Paglia: Men Like This Make Saints in FrancisChurch

By Frank Walker

  I'm selling this unseemly and ostentatious castle for a good price on behalf of 'the poor'


Archbishop Paglia, the postulator for the cause of once-blocked Liberation Theology icon, Oscar Romero, and perhaps the only person who seems to have first-hand knowledge that Pope Benedict supposedly lifted it after blocking it for a generation, is being accused of fraud.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, a Vatican official, is under investigation by Italian prosecutors on suspicion of embezzlement and price fixing during the sale of an historic castle, according to media reports Wednesday.

The sale of the San Girolamo castle in central Italy has already led to the arrest of two employees of the diocese of Terni where Paglia, who is president of the Holy See’s council for family matters, was bishop.

Now prosecutors are probing Paglia on allegations of criminal conspiracy and fraud in relation to the sale of the castle four years ago to real estate company IMI immobiliare, which was headed by one of the arrested diocese employees.

Diocese funds were allegedly used illegally and money was found to be missing from diocese funds.

According to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which cited the prosecutor for the city of Terni in central Italy, Paglia is alleged to be one of the instigators of the fraud.

The mountain of things we are supposed to believe in the new FrancisChurch just gets higher and higher!  Pope Francis doesn't endorse the condemned Communist-produced heresy of Liberation Theology and neither did murdered, I mean 'martyred,' Archbishop Romero, but both of them repeatedly spoke and acted just like Liberation Theologists.  Both associated with the leaders of the movement and receive their praises, and the FrancisChurch has placed its guiding 'lights' at the seats of highest honor in the Church.

The denials are perfunctory.  The beatification itself is telling.  Martyred for loving the poor?  How do you love the poor by defending Marxist guerillas?

It's not like we can put any confidence in the FrancisChurch saint-making operation, which completely ignores all semblance of ancient protocols, or any indication of approval from Heaven or the faithful whatsoever.  Are we required to honor such saints, made by men who approve heresy, who even admit as much?

Here we learn that the man guiding the Romero cause seems to have been bilking the system for quite some time.  Can we expect more from a man who promotes Catholic-Communism as some saintly crusade?

While the San Girolamo castle in the Narni area of central Italy is considered to be of great artistic and cultural value it is now believed to be left abandoned.

At the same time, the Terni diocese is one of the most indebted in Europe, with a deficit of some 25 million euros (about $27 million).

Paglia, 70, was the diocese bishop from 2000-2012 before Pope Benedict named him to the Pontifical Council for the Family, which promotes and protects family interests in the church.

He is also one of the most prominent Vatican officials who is a member of the Sant’Egidio Community, influential in Italy for its commitment to working with the poor and immigrants.

Pope Francis has issued strong statements against corruption, including during a visit in March to mafia territory in Naples.

“Corruption stinks, corrupt society stinks,” he told residents, adding that “we all have the potential to be corrupt and to slip into criminality”.

Sounds like those might just be words.

When the Catholic Church becomes nothing more than a politicized tool and a massive bureaucratic agency with a bishop's face painted on the office door, why should we be surprised to hear they're all in on the skim.


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<![CDATA[ Dissidents Press EWTN To Be Faithful to FrancisChurch Climate Lies ]]>
Dissidents Press EWTN To Be Faithful to FrancisChurch Climate Lies

By Frank Walker

                   Facts are science are heresy in FrancisChurch


Pope Francis has put the entire Church Militant in the position of having to either promote false doctrine and junk science or be called heretics.  On the one hand it's a crime that Leftist dissidents are able to credibly petition a historically faithful Catholic media giant on behalf of the Pope.  On the other hand, when you see this painful debate, you'll know why Global Warmists absolutely must never be made to confront facts.

Global warming activists are applying pressure to EWTN, the global Catholic Television network to stop broadcasting the views of climate skeptics. The left-leaning ‘social justice’ group, Faithful America, has started a petition to EWTN (Eternal World Television Network) to ban what they term ‘climate deniers’ from the network.

(Note: The movement to ban skeptics from television and media reporting on climate change has intensified in the past year. See: ‘Merchants of Doubt’ director pushing to ban Morano & other skeptics from TV.)

The activists are upset about a recent debate between Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano and the Environmental Defense Fund lobbyist Carol Andress.

The debate dealt with the Vatican and Pope Francis’ efforts to promote a United Nations global warming treaty.

The group sent out an appeal on May 27, urging EWTN to ‘Stop broadcasting climate denial

Excerpt: Our goal: 15,000 signatures – Posted: May 27, 2015

One of the world’s largest Catholic media outlets is accusing Pope Francis of confusing Catholics by preparing a ground-breaking encyclical urging world leaders to tackle climate change.

In a recent segment, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) even invited notorious climate denier Marc Morano to “debate” whether climate change is real. Worse yet, EWTN host Raymond Arroyo questioned man-made climate change and claimed that the pope was somehow supporting abortion by meeting with the United Nations about climate change.

It’s time for Catholic media outlets like EWTN to stop making common cause with right-wing political activists to undermine Pope Francis — and stop spreading misinformation about the climate crisis.

Pope Francis has issued a prophetic call to recognize the scientific reality of climate change and how the destruction of God’s creation is harming the world’s poorest people. Please stop offering a platform for climate deniers to spread misinformation and undermine the pope’s moral leadership.

Has there ever been a time when Catholics were forced so continuously to defend the Church and her teaching against the Pope himself?  We are in a pickle here and we must fight hard.  The FrancisVatican should be moved to uphold or renounce the Faith directly, not spin.  It's pastoral!


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<![CDATA[ Francis Gives You a Choice on Which Type of Christian To Be. Dont Pick the Worst of the Three. ]]>
Francis Gives You a Choice on Which Type of Christian To Be. Dont Pick the Worst of the Three.

By Frank Walker

                   Don't let this 'Pharisee' bark you off your faith.


The Pope gave some helpful advice on the FrancisGospel and the types of Christians out there.  Which one are you?

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis’ homily this morning focused on the Gospel account of Bartimaeus, the blind man who cried out to Jesus to be healed, and whom the disciples called to be silent. The Gospel led the Holy Father to reflect on three different groups of Christians.

First, there are Christians who are concerned only with their own relationship with Jesus, a “closed, selfish” relationship, who do not hear the cries of others:

“This group of people, even today, do not hear the cry of so many people who need Jesus. A group of people who are indifferent: they do not hear, they think that life is their own little group; they are content; they are deaf to the clamour of so many people who need salvation, who need the help of Jesus, who need the Church. These people are selfish, they live for themselves alone. They are unable to hear the voice of Jesus.”

It is selfish to love Jesus?  Doesn't loving Jesus mean following him?  Can you care about your relationship with Jesus yet ignore everyone else?  Do such people exist or is this some rhetorical device?  I know they exist in Hollywood and on the lips of demagogues.

Then, the Pope continued, “there are those who hear this cry for help, but want to silence it,” like the disciples when they sent away the children, “so that they would not disturb the Master”: “He was their Master — He was for them, not for everyone. These people send away from Jesus those who cry out, who need the faith, who need salvation.” In this group one finds the “men of affairs, who are close to Jesus,” who are in the temple. They seem “religious,” but “Jesus chased them away because they were doing business there, in the house of God.” There are those who “do not want to hear the cry for help, but prefer to take care of their business, and use the people of God, use the Church for their own affairs.” In this group there are Christians “who do not bear witness”:

“They are Christians in name, parlour room Christians, Christians at receptions, but their interior life is not Christian, it is worldly. Someone who calls himself Christian and lives like a worlding drives away those who cry out for help from Jesus. And then there are the rigorists, those whom Jesus rebukes, those who place such heavy weights on the backs of the people. Jesus devotes the whole of the twenty-third chapter of St Matthew to them: ‘Hypocrites,’ he says to them, ‘you exploit the people!’ And instead of responding to the cries of the people who cry out for salvation, they send them away.”

Christians who do not bear witness, who use the Church for their own affairs, who silence voices?  Hello Synod on the Family!

Rigorists, hypocrites, exploiters, parlour room Christians....this is the cruel ranting of a political radical.  Calumniating faithful Christians by calling them Pharisees is not the work of Christ.  It's just false shepherding.

The Pope closes with a brief description of some nice Christians, but I don't think the people he's envisioning are actually very nice at all.


Read more at The Stumbling Block








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<![CDATA[ Abp. Paglia: Men Like This Make Saints in FrancisChurch; CruxMag: Colombia a FrancisMartyr Factory! Dissidents To EWTN: Be Faithful to Climate Lies; Francis Gives You a Choice on Which Type of Christian To Be. Dont Pick the Worst of Three ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker


Abp. Vincenzo Paglia: Men Like This Make Saints in FrancisChurch


CruxMag's Allen: Colombia is a Virtual FrancisMartyr Factory! 


Dissidents Press EWTN To Be Faithful to FrancisChurch Climate Lies


Francis Gives You a Choice on Which Type of Christian To Be. Dont Pick the Worst of the Three



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<![CDATA[ Fr. George Rutler on the Irish Blasphemy ]]>
Fr. George Rutler on the Irish Blasphemy

By Frank Walker

Fr. Rutler weighs in on gay marriage the collapse of Ireland:

The Constitution of Ireland begins: “In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred, / We, the people of Éire, / Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, . . .”

   The landslide vote in Eire for legalizing the fictitious form of marriage between persons of the same sex, in contradiction of all laws natural and divine, unearths the pulsating Druidism that Saint Patrick and his fellow saints defied. The estimated $17 million from pressure groups in the United States is no excuse, for people will only be pressured if they are willing to be pressured. The other dismal fact is that over 90% of the young people influenced to subscribe to this vote were formed in Catholic schools. The vote was less in favor of perversion and more in hostility to a Church whose Jansenism and clericalism had incubated corruption and lassitude. While most of Europe suffers from the deadly sin of indifference, or sloth, Ireland is in adolescent rebellion, virulent and irrational. This was exploited by political interests hostile to Christian civilization, and their propaganda combined legitimate accusations against ecclesial failings with a left-wing, secularist agenda.

   Ireland helped to bring the Faith to America, and when the flourishing of that Faith degenerated here, that donation was returned in the form of a bacillus. Ireland today has one of the highest rates of suicide and mental illness in all Europe, and one-third of children there are born out of wedlock. Things are worse in the United States. Look at the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City to see what happens when the honor of a saint is dishonored, and when ambassadors for Christ become nothing more than goodwill ambassadors.

   What happened in Ireland was not sudden. Like a dead elephant that remains standing for a sort while before collapsing, so the Flame that Patrick kindled on Tara had died long before Catholicism was mixed up with political causes, and ethnic drollery replaced dogma. In mordant irony, just a few weeks ago  the Stormont in Northern Ireland rejected a motion favoring same–sex unions, a motion more indicting for having been introduced by the Sinn Fein, which had long persuaded naïve Americans that it was a Catholic cause.

   The Archbishop of Dublin, hardly a firebrand, said: “Marriage is not simply about a wedding ceremony or about two people being in love with each other. Marriage, in the Constitution, is linked with the family and with a concept of family and to the mutuality of man and woman as the foundation for the family.”

   In light of the fine invocation of the Irish Constitution, the Irish vote is worse than perverse: it is blasphemous. All the great saints of once-verdant Ireland would have used stronger language.




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<![CDATA[ Leftist Euro Bishops Hold Their Own Synod. First Agenda Item: Love ]]>
Leftist Euro Bishops Hold Their Own Synod. First Agenda Item: Love

By Frank Walker

State-Funded Catholics


At the Register Edward Pentin has the somewhat frightening report of a progressive 'shadow synod' being driven from Germany.

A one-day study meeting — open only to a select group of individuals — took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University on Monday with the aim of urging “pastoral innovations” at the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family in October.

Around 50 participants, including bishops, theologians and media representatives, took part in the gathering, at the invitation of the presidents of the bishops’ conferences of Germany, Switzerland and France — Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Bishop Markus Büchel and Archbishop Georges Pontier.

One of the key topics discussed at the closed-door meeting was how the Church could better welcome those in stable same-sex unions, and reportedly “no one” opposed such unions being recognized as valid by the Church.

Participants also spoke of the need to “develop” the Church’s teaching on human sexuality and called not for a theology of the body, as famously taught by St. John Paul II, but the development of a “theology of love.”

It's amazing how little these types of clerics actually know about love, isn't it?  Is love sex? Is love gay sex?

I guess when you spend most of your adult life pleasing false superiors, then later on simply shuttling from one catered event to another, handled by servants and office help; your judgment can get skewed.  In Germany if you rise to cardinal, in effect you become a permanent bureaucrat at the top of a state-funded empire with few hard  demands upon your leadership or expenses.  You also have tremendous leverage.

One Swiss priest discussed the “importance of the human sex drive,” while another participant, talking about holy Communion for remarried divorcees, asked: “How can we deny it, as though it were a punishment for the people who have failed and found a new partner with whom to start a new life?”

Marco Ansaldo, a reporter for the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, who was present at the meeting, said the words seemed “revolutionary, uttered by clergymen.”

French Biblicist and Ratzinger Prize-winner Anne-Marie Pelletier praised the dialogue that took place between theologians and bishops as a “real sign of the times.” According to La Stampa, another Italian daily newspaper, Pelletier said the Church needs to enter into “a dynamic of mutual listening,” in which the magisterium continues to guide consciences, but she believes it can only effectively do so if it “echoes the words of the baptized.”

The meeting took the “risk of the new, in fidelity with Christ,” she claimed. The article also quoted a participant as saying the synod would be a “failure” if it simply continued to affirm what the Church has always taught.

Pentin's revealing piece full of greasy slogans and Leftist organs continues, but it's safe to say this isn't the kind of thing Mass-going faithful Catholics subsidize.  Dirty churchmen such as these can only be funded with dirty money.  Why must we all now be plagued with their abuse?



Read more at The Stumbling Block



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<![CDATA[ Distant Memories Evoked of Christian Foreign Policy ]]>
Distant Memories Evoked of Christian Foreign Policy

By Frank Walker

Which one is America's friend?


In a Breitbart report presidential candidate and Hillary scourge, Carly Fiorina, takes us down memory lane to a time when the Middle East was not a living Hell, when Islam wasn't conquering the West, and ancient Christian enclaves were protected.  After reminding voters that Hillary's record is mainly one of hype and failure, she makes a few helpful suggestions.

“I would do very specific things. First, instead of having a Camp David conference to talk our Arab allies into a bad deal with Iran, I would have had a Camp David conference to talk with our Arab allies about how we can support them to fight ISIS. Let me give you very specific examples. The Kurds have been asking us to arm them for three years, we still have not. The Jordanians have been asking us to provide them with bombs and materiel. We know King Abdullah of Jordan, I’ve known him for many years. He took the appropriate leadership steps when a Jordanian pilot was burned alive. He was here in this country asking us for bombs and materiel, we haven’t provided him with any of them. He’s now looking to China for that. The Egyptian president, a very brave and pious Muslim, who has said there is a cancer in the heart of Islam, has asked us to share intelligence. We are not. The Turks have asked us to help them topple Bashar al-Assad, we are not. There are a whole set of things that we’ve been asked to do by our allies who know this is their fight, and we’re not doing any of them.”

Assad is the enemy of ISIS and ISIS is the enemy of Christ, so it's hard to see why we should bolster an Islamist tyrant like Turkey's Erdogan by attacking Syria.  Still it's hopeful to hear someone willing to support protectors of Christians and other historic American allies here and there for a change.



Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ Cardinal Kasper catholicism at Georgetown ]]>
Cardinal Kasper catholicism at Georgetown

By Frank Walker

Porous and non-institutional


They love Cardinal Kasper in American faux-catholic academia.  He was unloading at Georgetown recently.  The go-to source for all things Francis, Jesuit AmericaMag, has the report.

Cardinal Walter Kasper offered the highlight speech of this Memorial Day weekend’s Georgetown University/Marymount University conference marking the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. He spoke Saturday morning at Washington’s National Cathedral, the event’s third sponsor and chief ecumenical partner. 

The President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity offered new hope for the unity of Christians in the 21st century. Quoting Isaiah 43, “Behold, I do something new,” the cardinal explained, traditional ecumenism is being transformed by the rise of the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Compared to the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches, these churches are mostly non-dogmatic and less institutionalized expressions of the Gospel. 

Is it bad to have something be an institution?  Doesn't that just mean it's both old and effective?  Are we all Rousseauian radicals and romanticists now?  Must everything be reduced to nothing before these men are satisfied?

Yes.  It must.

These younger, growing churches are more emotional in their worship styles and more voluntarist in their organization. Their members don’t so much belong to a church, as members of the older churches do, but choose their churches. In that respect they represent a contemporary social development in which religious identities are more transitory and church boundaries more porous. 

All churches must face that porosity as a sign of the times, Kasper suggested; and the older churches must examine themselves as to what they can learn from the younger Evangelical and Pentecostal ones. The growing importance of Evangelicals and Pentecostals, he suggested, will re-shape and renew 21st century ecumenism.

This is Christian leadership?  The emotions of the times drive the Church.  The Church doesn't drive the times...unless something really bad happens.  Then it's the Church's fault.  Right, Diarmuid?

Can the doctrine. Shelve the rubrics. Make everything voluntary. Be porous.

The rise of the Evangelicals and Pentecostals, the cardinal said, constitutes a fourth stage in the history of the churches. The first was the divergence of the Oriental  churches from the Mediterranean churches (Greek and Latin) after the Councils of Nicea and Chalcedon. These ancient churches of the Middle East, which lay beyond the bounds of the Roman Empire, never accepted the doctrines of the great councils, and so are sometimes called Non-Chalcedonian.

The second phase was the break of the Orthodox East from the Latin West in the Great Schism in 1054. The third was the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, which split Western Christianity into Protestant and Catholic branches.

Look to the history of schism and heresy for guidance.  There's a magisterium Cardinal Kasper can obey.


Read more at The Stumbling Block





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<![CDATA[ Liberation Theology: Dissident Leo Boff Says Oscar Romero and Pope Francis Lived It ]]>
Liberation Theology: Dissident Leo Boff Says Oscar Romero and Pope Francis Lived It

By Frank Walker

Paragon of FrancisChurch Theology


The HuffPo has an brief interesting study about now beatified Archbishop Oscar Romero and his importance to FrancisChurch.  It's notable because it's fairly honest and it has some actual information about these much cloaked and propagandized subjects.

A golden thread links Pope Francis to Oscar Romero, the murdered archbishop whose beatification the Pope ordered to take place last weekend, to the rapturous acclaim of the people of El Salvador and the wider world.

The thread is that of liberation theology, the movement that swept through Latin America, and then other parts of the world, 40 years ago. It maintains that the Gospel contains a preference for poor people -- and insists that the Church has a duty to work for political and economic as well as spiritual change.

That's exactly true.  Liberation Theology maintains the blatant lie that the Gospel contains a preference for poor people.  It doesn't.  The Gospel proclaims and exemplifies the discipline of poverty and the virtue of charity.  A preference for poor people would be a cruel bigotry on God's part.

The second lie of Liberation Theology is this worldly agenda for 'political change' which is beneath the Gospel and more akin to the Theology of Judas.

Conservatives in the Catholic Church do not like this. They have taken to asserting that Romero was not a liberation theologian. There is an irony in that, for they had spent the previous three decades blocking Romero's path to sainthood by arguing the opposite. Then they said that to canonize the murdered cleric would effectively endorse liberation theology too.

It is ironic but it's not conservative.  Any writers who've read Romero's actual words know he had some affinity with the Liberation Theologists, but professional catholics often pretend otherwise.  The popes in our generation were wise and correct to suppress the Romero cause.  Pope Francis has not been so.

Conservatives saw this radical pro-poor movement, at the height of the Cold War, as a Marxist Trojan horse that would allow communism into South America through the back door. Its followers saw it as the words of Jesus in action.

Which was right?  It's not just a matter of who holds the papacy.

In the years that followed, the mainstream Catholic Church took on board many of the insights of liberation theology. But conservatives in the Vatican and in the Latin American hierarchy worked behind the scenes to counter its influence -- and block any attempts to move Romero along the path to becoming a saint.

There is an effective answer to these machinations and manoeuvrings. It is the one given by the man who is indisputably one of the founding fathers of liberation theology, Leonardo Boff, a former Franciscan friar who left the priesthood after the Vatican ordered him to a period of "obsequious silence" under the conservative papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

When asked if Pope Francis was a liberation theologian, Boff gave an answer that would apply as aptly to Romero. "The important thing is not whether he is for liberation theology but [whether he is] for the liberation of the oppressed, the poor and the victims of injustice. And that he is without question. Pope Francis has lived liberation theology."

Oscar Romero lived it too. He was not a theoretical theologian. He stood unflinchingly by the poor -- and died for it.

Standing for the poor is not Catholicism.  It's love.  Dying for the poor, if such a thing were to happen, is not martyrdom.  It's getting murdered.  Dying for the robbed or the oppressed is even better, but it's not necessarily dying for the poor.  But most importantly, living and dying for Liberation Theology does nothing but hurt the poor and endanger their souls as well with a ruthless and materialist heresy.

If that, as Leo Boff asserts, is what both Romero and Pope Francis lived out in their words and deeds, then he's right.  It doesn't really matter.



Read more at The Stumbling Block



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<![CDATA[ Leftist Euro Bishops Hold Their Own Synod. First Agenda Item: Love; Distant Memories Evoked of Christian Foreign Policy; Cardinal Kasper catholicism at Georgetown; Liberation Theology: Dissident Leo Boff Says Romero and Francis Lived It ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

Leftist Euro Bishops Hold Their Own Synod. First Agenda Item: Love


Distant Memories Evoked of Christian Foreign Policy


Cardinal Kasper catholicism at Georgetown


Liberation Theology: Dissident Leo Boff Says Oscar Romero and Pope Francis Lived It



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<![CDATA[ Note to FrancisChurch: Know the Devil You're Dealing With ]]>
Note to FrancisChurch: Know the Devil You're Dealing With

By Frank Walker

I'm getting ready to tell you something profound, and most importantly, from the heart.


Catholic Culture reports on the Pope's video message to the John 17 ecumenical movement's meeting in Phoenix over the weekend.

Pope Francis sent a video message to the Celebration of Christian Unity, an event that took place on May 23 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

The celebration was sponsored by the John 17 Movement, an organization founded by a Protestant pastor and whose leadership team includes a bishop, Catholic laymen, and evangelical Protestants.

“I will be with you spiritually and with all my heart,” the Pope said. “We will search together, we will pray together, for the grace of unity. The unity that is budding among us is that unity which begins under the seal of the one Baptism we have all received. It is the unity we are seeking along a common path. It is the spiritual unity of prayer for one another. It is the unity of our common labor on behalf of our brothers and sisters, and all those who believe in the sovereignty of Christ.”

Unity among Protestants and Catholics is not something worth seeking. It's a ridiculous idea very common to our time.  What is there to unite?  Of course we can love each other.  Of course we can praise virtue and regret sin, but there is only unity in the Faith.  How will they ever see this if we keep acting like fools, giving false honor to their lies?

The Pope sounds as if unity with heretics is some high holy goal when in truth unity with heresy can only equal sin and death.  I wonder why there's so much of both today!

Referring to Satan-- “the Father of Lies, the Father of Discord,”-- the Pontiff added:

feel like saying something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps. But there is someone who “knows” that, despite our differences, we are one. It is he who is persecuting us. It is he who is persecuting Christians today, he who is anointing us with (the blood of) martyrdom. He knows that Christians are disciples of Christ: that they are one, that they are brothers! He doesn’t care if they are Evangelicals, or Orthodox, Lutherans, Catholics or Apostolic…he doesn’t care! They are Christians. And that blood (of martyrdom) unites.

Today, dear brothers and sisters, we are living an “ecumenism of blood”. This must encourage us to do what we are doing today: to pray, to dialogue together, to shorten the distance between us, to strengthen our bonds of brotherhood.

If I were a sentimental Protestant, of which there are very few among the more faithful Baptists and Evangelicals, I might be swayed by this nonsense; but I don't imagine I'd be moved enough to renounce my own heresies, give up my sins, and become Catholic.  That would require facing hard realities, not feel-good-ism. But that's not what's so striking about the Pope's statement here.  It's the fact that he thinks the Devil could care less whether people are Catholic or not.

To call blood shed at the hands of ISIS a sign of Christian unity is to make bloodthirsty Muslims our Christian touchstone is it not?  We all must die and even bleed, some of us at the hands of others. Many, please God, will call upon Christ or stand with Him at that moment; but does that make us united in Faith?  Of course not.

We can't count on our bishops, nor our Pope today to express what matters in terms of Heaven and Hell; but one thing for which we can be certain, the Devil does care about those things!  If it means Hell then he's for it.  If it means Heaven, he's against.  The Devil is hateful, angry and proud, but he is not blind to his own cause.

The Pope himself, in his own clumsy and self-revealing way, knows that this sounds like heresy.  He says as much but he doesn't seem to care.  He is not here to condemn heresies.  He's here to build and solidify the new FrancisChurch.  He's on a mission, and he seems just as ready to spread destructive falsehoods about the Devil as he is about God Himself.


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<![CDATA[ Vatican To Catholics: Don't Like The UN? Don't Buy Global Warming? You Must Be A Rich Capitalist! ]]>
Vatican To Catholics: Don't Like The UN? Don't Buy Global Warming? You Must Be A Rich Capitalist!

By Frank Walker

Apostle of FrancisChurch


It makes perfect sense, now that FrancisChurch has morphed the Catholic Faith into a UN vehicle, that her princes would sound exactly like cheap Democrat Party hacks and nothing like Christians.

The Vatican has interested itself in global warming, going so far as to stage an invitation-only exhibition on the matter, and to release through the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences the curious document “Climate Change and The Common Good.” The document’s main author is the Chancellor of the Academies, Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo.

His Excellency was criticized by many for the low-quality, error-laden science in this document, but he received the most heat for buddying up to abortion and “population control” enthusiasts like UN boss Ban Ki-moon and economist Jeffrey Sachs.

Evidently, these critiques stung. The Archbishop returned fire, accusing his detractors of acting on the orders of a cabal dedicated to destroying Science — a charge which found sympathetic ears. But he couldn’t quite escape the scandal caused by his purposely associating with, and giving political cover to, abortion and contraception advocates. More explanation was called for, so he gave it.

In an interview with Stefano Gennarini, Sánchez shot back with an odd claim he has made many times, that the “climate crisis leads to poverty and poverty leads to new forms of slavery and forced migration, and drugs, and all this can also lead to abortion.” Elsewhere, he included prostitution and “organ trafficking” as other results of global warming.

By any reckoning, this is an impressive list of evils. Yet what’s missing from his Excellency’s statements is any explanation of how exactly the slight increase in clement winter afternoons has caused abortion, prostitution and other grave human evils to increase.

I thought the Catholic Faith was about avoiding guilt by keeping from sin, not about exponentially multiplying extenuating circumstances until you have an excuse the size of Planet Earth.

Did the fraction of a degree uptick in temperature late last century make men more amorous? Perhaps the dearth of hurricanes and tornadoes  — the “climate crisis” has pushed these way down  — induced men to seek other excitement in their lives. Or again, maybe the minuscule accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide has shouldered aside oxygen, depriving our brains and lessening our capacity to reason.

“These are serious matters!” the objection will run. And so they are. But mentioning something serious doesn’t make you a serious person. There must be more than moral dudgeon backing a claim as … grandiose as Sánchez’s, namely that global warming causes abortion. There must be evidence. Is there? The answer depends on how reliable global warming theory is.

Not exactly.  If if there were such a thing as global warming it would still have nothing to do with abortion, all this new slavery everyone's talking about, or drugs.

Many have fallen prey to the unscientific belief that predictions of doom are proof the predictions are right, and that therefore the theory which generated the predictions must be correct. Otherwise intelligent people commit these blunders because of fear, or because they are in the grip of environmentalist ideology, or, in the worst cases, because it is politically convenient.

The predictions of doom have been consistent: temperature is promised to soar ever upwards. The theory is that small boosts in carbon dioxide (compared to the atmosphere as a whole), by way of feedback mechanisms too complicated to explain here, are responsible for the rise. The predictions are consistent, all right. Consistently poor. No, worse than poor. Rotten. For nearly two decades, climate models have predicted rising temperatures, but the reality has been that there is no such increase.

Since the climate is demonstrably not changing in the direction or rate predicted, how could this non-event be increasing the incidence of abortion, organ harvesting and slavery?

Let me pose another question. Which is more likely to lead to more abortions:

(A) Global warming, through a twisting, fanciful chain of causality, which anyway hasn’t even happened yet, or

(B) The bolstering of the rich, influential, abortion- and contraception-friendly United Nations and radical NGOs, who can now claim to enjoy “Vatican support”?

Can this assessment be repeated often enough?  Handing power to the Leftist enemies of the Faith is always wrong and never the business of churchmen.

It is, or used to be, a fundamental principle of science that a theory was proved false when predictions made based on the theory were a bust. Even Einstein had to wait for Arthur Eddington to verify relativity’s predictions before scientists wholly backed the theory.

Sánchez was asked about this principle: “What do you answer to so called ‘climate skeptics’ who point to the lack of change in temperatures in the past 18 years and the difficulty in finding any definite correlation between human activity and large scale climate changes?”

His response was revealing: “I hope you are not [a skeptic] because then we would discover the true reason for these false accusations against us!”

Sánchez went on to hurl some false accusations of his own. He said climate change skeptics were all either members of the Tea Party or people with “incomes derived from oil.” Because, well, that would prove that everything they’re saying is false, wouldn’t it? Thank heavens no scientists who assert that man-made climate change is a crisis receive any income for their work, or support from billion-dollar foundations.

Archbishop Sánchez is keen on sustainability, which many take as a code word for population control. On this issue, he said that his Sustainable Development Goals didn’t “even mention abortion or population control. They speak of access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.”

Everybody, even his Excellency, knows what such words are: dull euphemisms for population control and abortion. This is why he tried to deflect the moral implications of including these terms in Church documents by saying, “Some may even interpret [these terms] as Paul VI, in terms of responsible paternity and maternity.” If there is a polite, ecclesiastical way of saying “balderdash,” this is the place for it.

The Archbishop said that we “can rest assured that the two academies of which I am chancellor are against abortion and against population control simply because we follow the Magisterium of the Popes, on which we directly depend.” Okay, let’s accept that. Yet it is also true that Sánchez’s actions have lent political, cultural, and religious support to organizations which push, and push heavily, population control and the systematic killing of the unborn. They now can claim Vatican support for their agendas.

The Archbishop sought these worldly connections to give weight and prominence to his political programs. He ought to at least consider what is obvious to the rest of us: that his actions will foster the very evils he hopes to eliminate.

For years they've been telling faithful Catholics that our Church was not about politics, that it was something 'above' politics, and that politics was just a matter of 'prudential judgment' about which we could faithfully disagree.  That was always a lie, a way to disarm the reasonable objections and efforts to defend the Faith in our world. It ensured Catholics remained impotent while its adversaries destroyed the Church from within and without.

Now they've achieved their goal.  The visible Church has become nothing more than a venue for socialist politicking, where hard-eyed grinning Nancy Pelosi's in purple hurl ridiculous insults at the faithful just for presenting facts along with their helpless pleas for mercy.


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<![CDATA[ Vatican Archbishop: Don't Try Calling Your Climate Denial Catholic Anymore! ]]>
Vatican Archbishop: Don't Try Calling Your Climate Denial Catholic Anymore!

By Frank Walker

                   Ready to do or say anything for the UN Church


Vatican Radio reports on the “Climate and Health” 68th World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, where Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi c.s., gave an adress.

In his presentation the Claude Rains-ish archbishop discussed the respect and protection of nature, technology, and the role of various nations in health and environmental issues.

It is a great honour to address this distinguished panel and audience on a topic of such urgent importance, not only to the technical and scientific community but to all people now living on our planet and, most especially, to the future generations who will follow in our footsteps.

The moral imperative to respect and protect nature is not a new topic for faith traditions. The Jewish and Christian Scriptures are replete with such exhortations, and most of the major religious traditions offer similar commandments. Man is not the owner of creation but its steward.  In more recent times, the leadership of the Catholic Church has publicly and forcefully expressed concern about the damage to nature being caused by a privileged few, while the health and overall wellbeing of the vast majority of humans is being threatened through no fault of their own. Pope Benedict XVI, expressed such grave concern on this issue that he was popularly labelled as the “green Pope”. Pope Francis continued this tradition and has encouraged a more profound reflection on this global concern. I am sure you are well aware already of the ongoing preparation of a special teaching document on climate justice, about which  United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, said: “I very much look forward to the upcoming encyclical by Pope Francis. It will convey to the world that protecting our environment is an urgent moral imperative and a sacred duty for all people of faith and people of conscience. It is critically important that people and their leaders hear your strong moral voice in the coming months.”

So the ancient scriptures, all the popes including the most recent and credibly Catholic Pope Benedict, and that UN-Vatican farce conference all agree this is urgent, urgent.

These religious leaders and technical experts left no further room for denial under the mistaken guise of so-called religious belief when they declared that human-induced climate change is a scientific reality.  They acknowledged the “very vital role” played by religions through their affirmation of “the inherent dignity of every individual linked to the common good of all humanity” as well as “the beauty, wonder, and inherent goodness of the natural world.”  They proclaimed as “our moral duty to respect rather than ravage the garden that is our home.” They noted the particular vulnerability experienced by poor and excluded people who are menaced by “dire threats from climate disruptions, including the increased frequency of droughts, extreme storms, heat waves, and rising sea levels.”

Don't dare call your climate-denying a 'religious belief!'  There's nothing Catholic about climate skepticism, right Archbishop?

So they had a conference with the UN and a bunch of 'experts' and now they know that poor and excluded people are menaced by dire threats?  How can anyone possibly believe this?  What a perfect atheist idea to start calling this bunk 'faith' then turning it 'c'atholic.


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<![CDATA[ Mahony-nomics ]]>

By Frank Walker


Wise Christian Counsel for the Church of the Poor and for the Poor


Retired L.A. Cardinal Mahony is notorious for his dissidence, waffling, and abusive mismanagement.  With shepherds like these, why is it so surprising to find they're also raving liberals?

From the Cardinal's blog:

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to increase the minimum wage in the City to $15 per hour by the year 2020. Thirty years ago when I first became Archbishop of Los Angeles, I would never have thought it necessary to take such an enormous leap in low-end worker salaries.

Not any more.

There are many reasons for the hike, but two of them are really important:

1. In past years, minimum wage jobs were also relatively short-term jobs. They were meant for young people working part-time or others just entering the job market. No one expected such jobs to be long-term and permanent work. These jobs were to get a foothold in the work field, and then to move on to better middle class jobs.

Translation: In the Reagan 80's the country was full of promise and opportunity.  In liberal Obamaland, McDonald's is the only place to get a job, so pile on more statist oppression!

2. The number of next level, middle class, jobs across southern California have all but disappeared. Recall after the Second World War how our area became a great leader in aerospace and defense companies. Hundreds of thousands of people were employed in these good paying, middle class jobs over the years. But gradually, because of many factors, those companies and those jobs began to disappear.

The result? People desperate to provide for their families are increasingly stuck in low-paying jobs, most paying at or below minimum wage. This is particularly true for our immigrant brothers and sisters. There are no “better jobs” to move on to.

And it’s not just the wages. Minimum wage jobs almost never offer benefits such as health care, retirement plans, or other amenities from previous generations. Many companies limit the hours for such employees in order to avoid having to pay for medical insurance. Shifting schedules makes it difficult for such workers to get to other low-wage jobs, or to take some classes.

Another worrying result is the rapid expansion of low-income families, and increasing wealth of high-income families, and the narrowing group in the middle.

The real issue is not just about minimum wage jobs. Rather, our goal must be to look for ways to narrow this growing gap between people at the top and those at the bottom.

Well Cardinal that will work then, if by lowering the gap you mean creating more and more poor.  The rich will keep getting richer but the middle class will certainly grow worse, and all those entry level McDonald's employees won't get high wages or benefits.  When the McDouble costs seven bucks in L.A. they'll all just get fired.

Thank you, my shepherd!

The gap is not only economic. In so many places across the country, it is also a racial divide. Studies show that the minority communities of our country consistently remain on the lower rung of the economic ladder. Both divides need our focused attention, and I hope that the 2016 Presidential candidates will engage our country in this discussion–and that they be required to lay out concrete plans to ease the divide and to provide greater economic opportunity for everyone.

Just a few areas might help move us in the right direction. Home ownership has always been a past measure of success for our families. We need to make home ownership more readily available to all of our people–through new qualification parameters, lower down payments, and other means that do not jeopardize either the families or the economy.

Free houses, risky mortgages, high debt and unrealistic payments, social engineering, bubbles, bailouts, and bankruptcies: the wages of fraud and state compulsion, and precursor to the Obama-era economy.  What does any of this have to do with the Faith?

Most lower paying jobs offer no pension plan opportunities. Even if companies offered a very simple plan these families could begin acquiring some equity for the future.

Why is it these 'lovers of the poor' only know how to reach into someone else's pockets and tell them what to do with their money, their business, and the people who they employ?  That's not charity. It's tyranny.

If you don't like the way McDonald's employees live, teach them to have lots of children, get together with their friends and family, buy a farm or business, work and take care of each other like Christians.  Give them churches so they can have the graces and the communities they need.  What a crazy paleolithic pre-Vatican II idea.

Social Security could raise the cap on payroll taxes so that the more affluent can contribute their fair share into the plan which will benefit them.

Tax the rich!....and raise everyone else's while you're at it.

The City of Los Angeles plan will go a long way to help our poorer families. But all of the incorporated cities in Los Angeles County need to match this new increase in the minimum wage for it to have its full effect. If a company in Los Angeles City just moves a few miles to a small city with a lower minimum wage, then everyone loses.

The widening gap between those at the higher end of our economy and those at the lower end of our economy must return to its former, historic narrow range.

Cardinal Mahony, men like you have no idea how to make things that like happen.



Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ Note to FrancisChurch: Know the Devil You're Dealing With; Vatican To Catholics: Don’t Like The UN? Don’t Buy Global Warming? You Must Be A Rich Capitalist! Vatican Abp: Don't Try Calling Your Climate Denial Catholic Anymore! Mahony-nomics ]]>
PewSitter Newsbytes

By Frank Walker

Note to FrancisChurch: Know the Devil You're Dealing With


Vatican To Catholics: Don’t Like The UN? Don’t Buy Global Warming? You Must Be A Rich Capitalist!


Vatican Archbishop: Don't Try Calling Your Climate Denial Catholic Anymore!





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<![CDATA[ Pope Francis: The Answer to Obama's Prayers ]]>
Pope Francis: The Answer to Obama's Prayers

By Frank Walker

Superhuman Political Force for the Poverty Panel


NBC News reports:

It's being dubbed "the Francis effect" and it's hitting Washington, DC.

From 4500 miles away Pope Francis is exerting his influence on everything from foreign policy to summits on poverty. Pope Francis got a big shout out on Tuesday from the leader of the free world as a great example of someone who understands what's important."Nobody has shown that better than Pope Francis, who I think has been transformative just through the sincerity and insistence that he's had that this is vital to who we are," President Barack Obama said during a panel discussion at Georgetown University.

"And that emphasis I think is why he's had such incredible appeal, including to young people, all around the world."

Why does the Francis adulation from Obama go on and on and on? Is the Pope more sincere?  Is he 'transformative,' whatever that liberalspeak means?  What does it say when something is 'vital to who we are?'  Does Pope Francis really have an 'incredible appeal' especially including young people, or is it just non-stop well-funded hype?

I know one thing: it's not filling up Churches, but we don't need those any more anyway.  You can 'kneel before the poor' anywhere, can't you?

Well, not in Georgetown.

The three day Catholic-Evangelical leadership summit at Georgetown is a direct response to the pope's call to help the poor.

It's been answered by an influential lineup of people on vastly different ends of the political spectrum. Speakers include ideological opposites from progressive Senator Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat and former conservative presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty to members of Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic lay organization, to Nuns On The Bus, a Catholic groups focused on social justice.

Democrats, dissidents, and a Romney Republican.

"It's been a long time since we've seen a pope have this kind of influence in the United States," said E.J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist who moderated the poverty panel including President Obama.

...and the whole thing run by a left-wing Wapo pundit.  Does anybody ever help the poor by actually doing something for them?  I've never met a poor broke person who would be interested in moderators of 'poverty panels.'

However, it's too early to say whether Tuesday's talk will lead to change.

"If they care about these problems, Americans can change the politics that would, over the next five to 10 years, make a huge difference. And I'm not talking about changing Republican-Democrat. I'm talking about making poverty and the opportunity to escape from poverty a higher issue on both parties' agendas," said Robert Putnam, the Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard.

I guess if both parties adopted your big government redistribution platforms it wouldn't matter if they were Republican or Democrat, you're right.

The report presents some silly charts showing how beloved and respected Pope Francis is.  Then it talks about how important Catholics in Congress supposedly are.  It all boils down to a sort of superhuman papal political force.

The president said he can't wait to host the pope and if he can spur the least effective congress in history to action, it might just be a certifiable miracle.


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<![CDATA[ Salon Canonizes Oscar Romero, the New Saint of Communists ]]>
Salon Canonizes Oscar Romero, the New Saint of Communists

By Frank Walker

Is this a crucifix or what?


When trying to piece together history from very murky and politicized events, always consider the source.  Why is it that we are only able to find blanket conclusions and sparse facts from the 'c'atholic press on pre-sanctified 'martyr' Archbishop Oscar Romero, and if we want a bigger picture we must turn to leftist rags for their screeds?

Pope Francis is soon to beatify the late Monseñor Óscar Romero, the archbishop of El Salvador who was assassinated in 1980 by a right-wing, pro-capitalist death squad. Unlike others whom Francis has already consecrated, the Blessed (and, sooner than later, Saint) Romero will be a holy figure whose killers still walk the earth.

Not only are they 'right-wing' they're also 'pro-capitalist.'  Does anyone detect a surge in blatant Communist rhetoric in the press, the Leftist leaders, and our FrancisChurch this week?

If a saint is a sanctified man of God, what do we call the killers of a saint? Is theirs an especial evil? I’m no theologian, but it seems that to kill a saint is in excess of mere man’s law. The Catholic Catechism exhaustively extols the sanctity of saints, saying that Christ’s “holiness shines in the saints.” How then do we describe a powerful organization that trains and gives sanction to the killers of saints? Even the Vatican says that Romero “was shot by a right-wing death squad,” which, as  everyone who understands recent Salvadoran history knows, was trained in the United States.

That's bad yes?  Why would the United States train Romero's killers?  And, why is Salon suddenly so Holy?  I thought they despised Catholics saints.

During the Cold War, the Georgia-based School of the Americas (now called WHISC) trained tens of thousands of Central American soldiers for right-wing governments and insurgencies in order to neutralize leftist influence in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, and Romero’s El Salvador, where civil wars in the 1970s and ’80s pitted U.S.-trained rightists against socialists and leftists who opposed their countries being used as a plantation in service of a Washington-backed elite.

They were against, "a plantation in service of a Washington-backed elite?"  Is Oscar Romero some saint of Communism?

A UN truth commission in 1993 would find that two-thirds of the right-wing soldiers in El Salvador’s horrific civil war were U.S.-trained, many of them to operate the “death squads” that became a feature of Central America while Washington played with a heavy hand to direct the region’s politics and economics.

Is it a surprise that a UN truth commission might call government soldiers on the right side of a civil war 'death squads?'  Do UN truth commissions work?

Bishop Romero was a thorn in the side of Washington, preaching liberation theology in defense of the poor and becoming known as the “Voice of the Voiceless.” Increasingly worried about Washington’s meddling in El Salvador’s burgeoning war between rightists and leftists, Romero wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter in 1980, calling out the United States’ support for the murderous right-wing forces who “repress the people and favor the interests of the Salvadoran oligarchy.”

So he lobbied the anti-American Jimmy Carter to throw U.S. support to the Communists, I mean the poor, and cut off backing for the more conservative military regime, I mean the murderous right-wing oligarchy.  That's staying out of radical politics and preaching and Gospel, yes?

Do you imagine using one's pulpit and international prestige to decisively change the course of a radical Communist takeover of your country might draw a few enemies?  The question is: how does that have anything to do with the Catholic faith?  How is it even decent to fight for such causes?

Five weeks later, Romero was assassinated by a U.S.-trained death squad while delivering mass at a small hospital chapel. No smoking-gun evidence exists pinning the hit on Washington, but the assassination was the hallmark of U.S. strategy during that time. In a 1984 report for The Progressive magazine, journalist Allan Nairn interviewed “dozens of current and former Salvadoran officers, civilians, and official American sources” and found “a pattern of sustained US participation in building and managing the Salvadoran security apparatus that relies on Death Squad assassinations as its principle means of enforcement.”

Did the U.S. train them to assassinate people or did they train them to shoot in a Cold War battle against totalitarians?  Was the United States on the wrong side of the Cold War?

Ten years later, late Catholic priest William Callahan spoke to the National Catholic Reporter after the UN Truth Commission report brought much more to light, concurring that “[i]t is clear that from the earliest days the U.S. government knew exactly what was going on, especially through the Reagan era, and didn’t care what it was as long as their policy objectives were being achieved.”

Did the Carter White House order the hit? There’s no way to know. But everyone knows where the killers’ training came from. Everyone knows that they were U.S. military proxies. Even the Vatican’s own news agency, in its announcement of Romero’s upcoming canonization, named his killers as “a right-wing death squad,” (read: U.S.-trained death squad) and the National Catholic Reporter points out that the alleged triggerman was a known graduate of the School of the Americas. The United Nations, meanwhile, names two of the alleged assassin squad members as graduates.

The UN and the National Catholic Reporter now: that's double the Catholic credibility!  The School of the Americas graduates shot a martyr!  They hate Catholicism!  They're Evil!!

Washington’s culpability in the assassination of Saint Romero doesn’t necessarily depend on an explicit order to carry out the hit. The general directive is enough: These were Washington’s guys doing what Washington needed in the region to maintain capitalist control. Romero is only one of the more than 75,000 who died in El Salvador during the period when the “fragmentation of any opposition or dissident movement by means of arbitrary arrests, murders and selective and indiscriminate disappearances of leaders became common practice” of Washington-backed soldiers, according to the UN Truth Commission’s report. The report continues: “Organized terrorism, in the form of the so-called “death squads”, became the most aberrant manifestation of the escalation of violence…The murder of Monsignor Romero exemplified the limitless, devastating power of these groups.”

There's that new 'capitalist' slur again.  Doesn't that just mean freedom to have a business, use your own money, and not come to the rotten government to beg for a living?  So the murder of 'Saint Romero' is a sign of the 'limitless devastation' of 'capitalist' groups, yes?

It’s doubtful that El Salvador would be “one of the largest suppliers of clothing to the United States,” with untold thousands of wage slaves sewing our underwear for a dollar an hour if the socialists and Saint Romero had been allowed to design their country how they saw fit. People don’t tend to vote for wage slavery. As in places like Haiti, El Salvador and elsewhere in Central America and the Caribbean, corporate free trade zones tend to be imposed by Washington and compliant domestic governments at the behest of their corporate friends. The 41 percent of Salvadorans living in poverty can be seen as victims, too, of the death squads’ quashing of socialist resistance to Washington’s wishes.

El Salvador is not poor because the allies of Romero lost.  Underwear is sewn for a dollar an hour because they won.  His party rules the country today.  A 'socialist designed' country, if you have any sense or recent historical memory, doesn't improve things.  First they sow murders and rebellions with the help of 'Saint' Romeros, then they install a permanent underclass like in Cuba for example.

This piece of Socialist propaganda which attacks freedom, democracy, security, and prosperity, and the country that until recently was the United States; demonstrates the whole purpose behind making Romero so honored by the Church. It's the same reason we seem to have Pope Francis now:

To make Communism seem Catholic and to make its obstacles look wrong.

Note to Salon's Matthew Pulver:

As far as I can tell Romero is only scheduled to be beatified, not canonized.  Not that it matters much these days, but you guys need to brush up on your new Catholicism.



See more at




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<![CDATA[ Obama: Don't Buy That Cynical "The Poor You Will Always Have With You" BS! ]]>
Obama: Don't Buy That Cynical "The Poor You Will Always Have With You" BS!

By Frank Walker

Going for walks, discussing policy, or sometimes just values


Obama's grasp of Biblical quotes is about what you might expect from a man who's spent most Sundays golfing for twenty years.

Obama scorned Christians at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Tuesday, twisting the words of Jesus Christ into an insult against the Savior of the believers he was addressing.

“It’s important for us to guard against cynicism and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us and there’s nothing we can do,” Obama said. Lest leftists and liberal Christians say his comment was “taken out of context,” but here are his full remarks:

“One of the things I’m always concerned about is cynicism,” Obama said. “My chief of staff, Denis McDonough, we take walks around the South Lawn, usually when the weather is good. And a lot of it is policy talk, sometimes it’s just talk about values. And one of our favorite sayings is our job is to guard against cynicism, particularly in this town. And I think it’s important for us to guard against cynicism and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us and there’s nothing we can do, because there’s a lot we can do. The question is, do we have the political will, the communal will to do something about it.”

Does Obama take walks around the south lawn with his chief of staff when the weather is bad, in order to discuss policy or sometimes just values?  Can't they even bother to pay an adult writer for these cheesy lies?  Aren't the American people even worth a half-hearted appearance of sincerity?

Obama’s quotes Matthew 26:11 in a manner that’s utterly contrary to the verse’s meaning.

Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper,

There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat.

But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste?

For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor.

10 When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me.

11 For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

12 For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.

13 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.

Far from heaving a resigned sigh, Jesus is reminding the disciples that poverty, like death or the pain of childbirth, are constants in this fallen world that can be attended to but never wiped out. The Complete Commentaries of minister Matthew Henry affirms this:

“Observe his reason; You have the poor always with you,” Henry writes. “Note, 1. There are some opportunities of doing and getting good which are constant, and which we must give constant attendance to the improvement of. Bibles we have always with us, sabbaths always with us, and so the poor, we have always with us. Note, Those who have a heart to do good, never need complain for want of opportunity. The poor never ceased even out of the land of Israel, Deu. 15:11.” [For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.]

Twisting the words of the Gospel to push unjust, disastrous government programs robbing Peter to pay Paul? For shame.

Well put.  Someone tell Pope Francis and his Yoda.



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<![CDATA[ Salon Canonizes Oscar Romero, the New Saint of Communists; Pope Francis: The Answer to Obama's Prayers; Obama: Don't Buy That Cynical "The Poor You Will Always Have With You" BS! ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

Salon Canonizes Oscar Romero, the New Saint of Communists


Pope Francis: The Answer to Obama's Prayers


Obama: Don't Buy That Cynical "The Poor You Will Always Have With You" BS!



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<![CDATA[ Francis Teaches Children To Hate People With Money and Power, And To Never Stop Working ]]>
Francis Teaches Children To Hate People With Money and Power, And To Never Stop Working

By Frank Walker

Peaceful story-hour time?
This week Pope Francis taught some 'multi-ethnic integration Peace Factory' children about peace:

“Peace is built day by day. … It is not an industrial product, it is an artisanal product. It is crafted every day with our work, with our life, with our closeness”, said Pope Francis yesterday to the children of the Peace Factory, the Italian association that aims to promote multi-ethnic integration and to raise awareness among spiritual leaders, politicians and in education so that they use a language of peace.

Francis answered the very direct and concrete questions posed by thirteen of the seven thousand children who filled the Paul VI Hall. Some were very personal: for instance, a girl asked if, like her, the Pope ever argued with his siblings or other members of his family. “We have all argued with someone in our family”, replied the Pope. “It is part of life, as one sibling wants to play one game, another wants to play a different one … but in the end the important thing is to make peace. … Do not end the day without making peace. At times I may be right and the other may be wrong. So how can I apologise? I don't, but I make a gesture of closeness and the friendship continues. … I too have argued many times, even now... I lose my temper. But I always try to make peace. It is human to disagree. The important thing is that it does not linger, and that there is peace again afterwards”.

Another child asked if the Pope ever tired of being surrounded by so many people, and if he too needed some peace every now and then. “At times I would like to be calmer, to rest a little more, it is true”, he admitted. “But being with people does not take away peace. … What takes peace away is not caring for one another. Jealousy, envy and greed take away peace. But being with people is good, it does not stand in the way of peace! It tires me a little, because it is tiring and I am not a young man … but it does not take away peace”.

Here I think Pope Francis differs from the wisdom of the hermits and monks.  It is good he values time with people, and of course doing good and loving others can never disturb true peace, but there is also the peace of prayer and solitude.  As we are all human, the troubles and spirits that disturb us can also disturb the peace of others around us, so quiet solitude can be a peaceful alternative.

Other questions were more general, such as that of an Egyptian child who asked why people in positions of power did not help schools. “It is a question we can expand”, answered the Pope. “Why do many powerful people not want peace? Because they live from war, from the arms industry. Some powerful people earn from the production of arms, and sell weapons to one country that fights against another, and then they sell them to the other. It is the industry of death! And they earn money in this way.

Being around people can never disturb peace but many powerful people don't want peace?  One may ask, "Does it disturb Pope Francis to be around powerful people?"  I suppose it would disturb him to be trapped in a Syrian neighborhood as it's being destroyed by someone powerful just so they get rich making bombs.

Why must the pope teach children that powerful people desire war?  Is that generally true?  Won't they learn to despise power that way?  If they despise power, how will they seek order?  Can a society full of radically educated children have peace?

Is it possible that some leaders desire peace and try to avoid war?  Is there a chance that some powerful people may fight wars in order to create peace, or is every war wrong on both sides?  Can some people both do good and be powerful?  Who let the Pope loose with these children?

As you know, greed causes so much damage: the desire to have more and more money. When we see that everything revolves around money – the economic system revolves around money and not people – we make sacrifices and make war in order to defend money. And for this reason many people do not want peace. They earn more through war. They earn money, but we lose lives, we lose culture, we lose education, we lose many things. An elderly priest I met years ago used to say, 'the devil enters via the wallet'”.

The Pope seems continuously to confuse the biblical adage, "love of money is the root of all evil" with the common mistranslation, "money is the root of all evil."

The Pope explained to another child who asked for a definition of peace that “peace firstly means there are no wars … but it also means that there is friendship between all, that every day a step ahead is made for justice, so that there are no more children who are hungry, that there are no more sick children who do not have the possibility of receiving healthcare. Doing all of this means making peace. Peace involves work, it is not about staying calm and doing nothing. No! True peace means working so that everyone has a solution to the problems, to the needs, that they have in their land, in their homeland, in their family, in their society”.

Just as 'pro-life' in FrancisChurch is actually a whole list of things that living people may desire, 'peace' is now only possible when every 'social' good is achieved. There's no peace unless there is no war, though wars may be necessary to preserve peace.  There's no peace unless all are friends, even enemies; and unless we all take a step toward justice, whatever that means; unless no one is hungry or sick, and we all have free healthcare.

Peace is everything!

And you have to work for peace in addition to all the work required to get all the previously mentioned things.  We must work not only so someone we know isn't hungry.  We have to work and work and work so that everyone in the world is never hungry again, ever.

How is that peaceful?  It sounds like slavery to me without rest.


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<![CDATA[ Cuba: FrancisChurch Made Manifest ]]>
Cuba: FrancisChurch Made Manifest

By Frank Walker

In FrancisChurch I am a Catholic. I mean it from my heart.


At The Blaze writer Steven Herreid says something that's needed to be stated for quite some time now: the Obama-like diplomacy of the FrancisVatican is an unprecedented scandal.

This weekend, the Communist President of Cuba Raul Castro met with Pope Francis in private for an “unusually long time,” according to Gerard O’Connell, Vatican correspondent for America Magazine.

When he emerged from his meeting with Pope Francis, which a Vatican spokesman called a “very cordial talk,” Castro exchanged gifts with the Holy Father. Castro gave the pope a commemorative medallion in honor of the 200th anniversary of the building of the Havana Cathedral, and a locally produced painting “inspired” by the pope’s advocacy for progressive immigration policies.

In return, Pope Francis gave Casto an image of St. Martin covering the poor with his cloak, which Pope Francis called “an insight into what we have to do.” His second gift was a copy of his controversial Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. America Magazine reports: “Looking at [Castro] with a smile, [Pope Francis] remarked, ‘There are here some declarations that you will like!’”

I love the pope's cloak analogy.  He's always going on about warmth and 'closeness' while he's in the business of smothering the poor under his old horse blanket.

And why is Pope Francis constantly heaving out that impenetrable diatribe, Evangelii Gaudium, to every world leader?  It's almost as if he thinks it the Pope's job to rebuild the world according to some heretofore untried paradigm.  Does he really imagine Angela Merkel has time to read that?  She'll probably get to it sometime after he finishes those 107 Wilhelm Furtwaengler CD's she gave him!  It's possible there was some message there.

I'm sure Merkel has no desire to delve into the Francis exhortation, but I bet old Raul has already read it.  You can't be a hard-line communist without a certain tolerance for angry tedious pseudo-philosophical blather.

After noting the fairly tepid conservative 'backlash' to the Pope's exhortation last year, Herreid writes:

For any serious Christian, the culture war against the left was as much a defense of free markets as it was a defense of pro-life Christian doctrine. But some Christians were less serious, and more eager to defend the pope, right or wrong, than to defend the Church.

One stalwart Catholic journalist who agreed with Limbaugh, Fox’s Adam Shaw, boldly denounced the pope’s “misguided” Apostolic Exhortation in an op-ed. He was promptly fired from his job with the Catholic News Service.

Stalwart Christian, serious Christian: we must be these things if we want to build and strengthen the true Kingdom of God.  Capitulators, hypocrites, and faux-Christians, or in other words, liberals, are useless.  The 'market' the pope loves to condemn is only true justice.  Nothing good can come from the injustice these socialists call charity.

Back to Raul Castro’s visit with Pope Francis: After their meeting, Castro revealed to reporters he had assured the pope that Cuba’s leaders read his speeches “every day.”

Castro had even told the Holy Father, “If you continue talking like this … I will return to the Catholic Church. I am not joking. I may convert again to Catholicism, even though I am a Communist.”

I think most of these modern 'rulers' we have, unless they are true Christians, make statements solely for the purpose of herding people.  In the minds of the remnant West, Raul is trying to unite the once well-understood and despised Communism with the sentimental and deadly new FrancisChurch 'christianity.'  That's the Pope's project, to make Communism look Catholic, and the Castros are here to help.

Two weeks ago, a top KGB defector revealed that the “liberation theology” movement in Latin America was a Communist “invention” designed to dupe Catholics into the atheist ideology of Marxism. The ploy was especially effective among the vulnerable Christians of South America during the 1960’s and 70’s, where Communist operatives planted deep roots.

Neither Pope St. John Paul II nor his trusted friend and successor Benedict XVI were taken in by liberation theology. John Paul fought Communism throughout his pontificate, and Benedict was equally forceful against liberation theology’s interpretation of the traditional “preferential option for the poor” as a preferential option for violent state-mandated wealth-redistribution.

According to historian Nikolas Kozloff, Pope Benedict called liberation theology a “singular heresy,” and “a ‘fundamental threat’ to the church.”

This “fundamental threat” to the church is now welcome in Pope Francis’s Vatican, where the Holy Father is making headlines by his efforts to “rehabilitate” liberation theology.

So to all my liberal friends and disengaged Catholics who think the Faith is a whole new thing since we've been blessed with Francis: which is it?  Is Pope Francis Catholic or were Popes John Paul and Benedict Catholic?  Is Liberation Theology Communism or is it Catholicism?  It's not both.

It's not a matter of only two out of three popes either.  Do some digging.  Run it by a couple hundred others.

If you need even more research why not visit Cuba?  Soon they'll have fleets of ferries to bring you there thanks to the Holy Father - or to bring them here.  On Cuba you can find a 'Church of the poor and for the poor' with a 'preferential option for the poor,' because everything on that whole island is like that, except inside the enclaves of its Pro-Francis rulers.

In a matter of months, Pope Francis has announced a desire to “quickly” beatify a deceased liberation theologist bishop, reconciled with a Sandinista activist priest who once called Ronald Reagan a “butcher” and an “international outlaw,” and even invited the founder of the liberation theology movement, Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez, to speak on the need for a “poor Church for the Poor” at an official Vatican event this week.

It might be added that Raul Castro’s friend Frei Betto is a Marxist who once compiled a series of interviews with Fidel Castro and published them as a pro-Castro book called “Fidel & Religion: Conversations with Frei Betto on Marxism & Liberation Theology.” As Victor Gaetan reported in an enlightening 2010 series at the National Catholic Register, Fidel used the book to insist, again and again, “that Christianity and his revolutionary goals, namely full socialism, are compatible.”

Raul Castro has expressed a similar hope of reconciling Marxism with Catholicism. When asked about his own faith, he once responded, “I’ve kept the principles of Christ … and the revolution carries them out.”

That sounds eerily familiar.  It's just the Gospel, yes?

What the revolution in Cuba carried out was 30 years of mandated atheism, the persecution and near-starvation of a Christian people, the state imposition of free-abortion-on-demand, and, even today, the suppression of the dissident wives and children of numerous Catholic Cuban men arrested by the Castros for daring to demand religious liberty.

Catholics who condemned “anti-Catholic” whistleblowers and rushed to the defense of bishops who covered for predator priests during the sex abuse scandal must now live in shame. Today’s Catholics who defend Pope Francis against his critics ought to remember who some of those poor critics are.

For the most part, Pope Francis’ critics are not the anti-Christian leftists who have berated the Church all along. Rather, his critics are Cuban Catholics who feel crushed to see Pope Francis fraternizing with their oppressors. They are American Catholics whose long, thankless battle against the culture of death seems to be of little concern to a pope intent on making friends with the enemies of religious liberty.

While journalists are being fired by Catholic news providers for questioning the Bishop of Rome, Christians ought to consider how much longer they should put their sacred faith in a position that requires defending Pope Francis’s views.

Hello, Pat Archbold.

A new Catholic scandal is upon us, and not since the sex abuse scandal have so many Catholics defended the powerful and demonized the weak.

Is this truly the time of Mercy?


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<![CDATA[ Obama Circles Around to Praise That 'c'atholic Pope Francis Phenom ]]>
Obama Circles Around to Praise That 'c'atholic Pope Francis Phenom

By Frank Walker

If this place isn’t really Catholic then it must be mine.


Why are all the liberal leaders, the statist oppressors, and the tyrants singing the same Pope Francis tune?  Breitbart's Charles Spiering reveals how Church enemy President Barack Obama made the most of the platform fake-Catholic Georgetown University gave him:

President Obama suggested that people of faith should focus more on helping the poor, instead of focusing on divisive issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, Obama specifically referred to his own Christian faith, pointing out that he recognized the importance speaking out about the issue as president.

“I think it would be powerful for our faith-based organizations to speak out on this in a more forceful fashion,” he said, admitting that his wish might sound “self-interested” because he had disagreements with Christian and Catholic organizations about gay marriage and abortion.

Powerful for who?  The entire world is reporting today the complete collapse of mainline Christian Churches, of which the FrancisChurch is a whole-hearted conspirator.  This 'powerfulness' will only help Obama and his world partners.  That's the essence of our current scandalous pontificate.

I love how he tosses in that 'might sound self-interested.'  These world leaders are really picking up that humility schtick.

“There is great caring and great concern, but when it comes to what are you really going to the mat for, what’s the defining issue … this is often times viewed as a ‘nice to have’ relative to an issue like abortion,” Obama said.

He argued that churches should spend more time pursuing “powerful” ideas such as helping those in poverty in order to attract more followers.

“Nobody has shown that better than Pope Francis, who I think has been transformative just through the sincerity and insistence that this is vital to who we are, this is vital to following what Jesus Christ our Savior talked about.”

Wow, don't forget your point man, Pope Francis - the ringer!  Have you ever heard a more complete and 'transformative' set of knock-off lines?  Why do all these politicians sound like they're suppressing a giggle when they mention Jesus "Christ Our Savior?"  Satan couldn't speak His name with more controlled contempt.

Obama added that he hoped that the American people received that message when Pope Francis visits the United States in September.

“I can’t wait to host him because I think it will help to spark an even broader conversation of the sort we are having today,” Obama concluded.

Don't worry Obama. He'll deliver the goods.  And as an added bonus the true faithful will disappear overnight in the awful FrancisEra.

Hello burgeoning ex-Christian constituency!



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<![CDATA[ Cuba: FrancisChurch Made Manifest; Francis Teaches Children To Hate People With Money and Power, And To Never Stop Working; Obama Circles Around to Praise That 'c'atholic Pope Francis Phenom ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

Cuba: FrancisChurch Made Manifest


Francis Teaches Children To Hate People With Money and Power, And To Never Stop Working


Obama Circles Around to Praise That 'c'atholic Pope Francis Phenom




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<![CDATA[ A Web of Contradictions and Moral Inconsistencies ]]>
A Web of Contradictions and Moral Inconsistencies

By Frank Walker

Fr. George Rutler ponders on the media:


History is filled with surprising anomalies that catch us up in contradictions. Sir Walter Scott wrote in his poem Marmion about the Battle of Flodden Field: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave / when first we practise to deceive!” The battle took place in 1513 while Henry VIII was in France fighting as a member of the Catholic League. His queen, Catherine, eventually to be divorced, organized the battle with success. Meanwhile, Pope Julius II styled Henry of England “The Most Christian King of France” and, although Henry would prove a disappointment in church matters, in 1521 the next pope, Leo X, declared him “Defender of the Faith,” a title Henry kept even after it was rescinded in 1538. In another anomaly, at the time of the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland in 1690, Pope Alexander VIII supported the House of Orange against the Catholic Stuarts, and ordered that church bells in Rome be rung to celebrate the Protestant victory.

   The web of contradiction becomes more entangled in our day when politics are complicated by moral inconsistencies. I cite three examples. First, the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana occasioned celebrations, as the birth of any baby should. During the royal pregnancy no one referred to the unborn princess as anything other than a baby, and attention was focused on whether the infant was a boy or a girl, and what name would be given. Yet by the laws of the realm, she was a potentially disposable fetus. No one raised the question of the civil consequences should the unspeakable be done, and the child be aborted if judged unsuitable for the line of succession.

   Second, there was rioting in Baltimore—and demonstrations in the streets of many cities—over the death of a young man in police custody. Though that case has yet to be decided in a court of law, it absorbed national attention while at the same time the public slaughter of hundreds of Christians by ISIS received scant commentary. Although no one still calls these ISIS murderers “Junior Varsity,” there persists an ideological aversion to admitting that they are engaged in a most heinous kind of religious persecution.

   Third, the shooting of two Muslims in Texas evoked editorial indignation at the provocative art display that had engendered their wrath. Not long ago some of the same editors defended as “legitimate expressions of free speech” the touring exhibition of a picture of the Crucified Christ in urine by Andres Serrano, and an image in the Brooklyn Museum portraying the Virgin Mary covered with obscenities and elephant dung by Chris Ofili, who was awarded the Turner Prize for his body of work.

   Such commentators were negligent of their own inconsistencies. Among the things they forgot in their moral incoherence was the advice of Pope Alexander VIII’s great-nephew, Pietro Cardinal Ottoboni: “Liars need good memories.”




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<![CDATA[ FrancisChurch: See No, Hear No, Speak No...Or You're Evil! ]]>
FrancisChurch: See No, Hear No, Speak No...Or You're Evil!

By Frank Walker

Who am I to judge?

Pope Francis has often railed against 'ideologues' or, in his mind, people who put some lesser belief system above the Truth.  It's a trick a generic way for him to attack a specific group of people: faithful conservatives.

The Pope actually is an ideologue because he puts his worldy agenda and biases ahead of the Faith.  It's just that his own ideology is on the far Left, not the Right. There are no real 'ideologues' on the right, just Christians.  True conservatism is not ideological.  It's simply a refusal to condemn good things from the past, a past formed by the Church itself.

Since his faith can be thin, he's often contemptuous of the ancient Faith and those who cherish it. Pope Francis clings to physical, current realities which are concrete and solid. He sees Christianity as a radical code to overturn the 'social' order and upend the powerful in the world, and in the Church. Yes, the Church is part of the problem!

The Pope's radicalism just needs to be applied for the faith to be lived.  Like Islam, his 'Christianity' isn't truly observed unless it's militant.  In that respect he is right. The Church Faithful should be militant.  If only he were preaching militancy for the actual Faith.  Instead, he appears to be a true believer in the mold of South American liberation theologist rebels, and that's not really very Catholic at all.

In his attacks on ideologues, the Pope hopes that all men would begin to view faithful Catholics as stubborn, proud, selfish and petty, so they would then turn to his own ideology and call it the Faith.

Fr. Longenecker is here to help him.

The teacher in my screenwriting class said, “To create a believable villain you have to understand why he thinks he’s good.”

In other words, nobody gets up in the morning deciding to be just as nasty, mean and murderous as possible.

No. even Darth Vader thinks he’s a good guy, and to give George Lucas the credit for what were three pretty terrible prequel movies, at least we learned why Darth Vader is the baddie.

He was just another young guy in love, but for seemingly good reasons (to rescue then avenge his mother) he started to kill. Then he decided that he had to kill some more in order to bring justice to the galaxy. In other words, Darth Vader is an ideologue. He wants to do good, and is willing to do evil to accomplish his ends, and the greater good he wants to achieve the worse evil he may have to use.

Ideologues are bad, but religious ideologies are the worst.

The secular ideologue believes he is on the side of the right because of his belief system. The religious ideologue believes that God himself is on his side and there ain’t nuthin’ that’s going to convince him otherwise. There’s no discussion. There is no dialogue with the ideologue.

There's a lot of dialogue with FrancisChurch that's true.  You'd have to be Darth Vader to object I suppose.

So the problem with an ideologue is that he thinks he's right and he thinks he follows God.  Why is that always bad?  Isn't that true at least sometimes?  Is it possible to believe what God thinks and to do it, or must doubt be mandatory for all 'good' people?  How can a Catholic think like this?

The religious ideologue will slander, mock, attack, exclude, persecute and finally kill the “enemy” and think he’s not only doing the right thing, but doing God a favor.

Yes, I know, we see the ultimate religious ideologue in the monsters of ISIS.

But hang on. Blaming the other person, the other religion, the other political party, the other bad guy is exactly what makes you bad and takes you into the downward spiral of religious self righteousness.

Sure the wolves of ISIS are demon possessed monsters, murderers, rapists and bloodthirsty, angry monsters and “we hates them my precious…”

But to avoid being a bad religious person myself I have to see where I might be turning into Darth Vader.

This is frightening to me. Blame is what you do when you determine who is at fault.  You don't need to proclaim it, but you can at least reasonably think it, yes?  If we were all angels there would be no blame.  Are we all Angels then?  Well, some of us are ISIS-like Vaders.

So in the new Francis-LongeneckerChurch I can find no fault with a person, a religion, or a political party without being 'the worst baddie.'  I hope I don't seem too self-righteous when I say that it will be more convenient for some people, religions, and/or political parties than others.

Father has three pages of this stuff.

Overnight it seems there is only cheap ruthless demagoguery where there once was Faith.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord, how can you have any of them floating down on your head and still be swayed by this kind of false shepherding?


Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ German Bishops Continue to Shut Down the Church Militant ]]>
German Bishops Continue to Shut Down the Church Militant

By Frank Walker

Play glasses on a pretender

The German Bishops have just formally announced what many bishops in the U.S. would like to see; we will no longer screen 'catholic' employees for faithfulness.

This is generally the case already, but with this official change in Church law, the Germans are making sure that no-one ever fires or refuses to hire someone for a Catholic reason.  It's a nightmare and it's coming here quickly.

With potentially far-reaching consequences, the bishops of Germany have voted by more than a two-thirds majority to relax Church labor laws to allow civilly remarried employees or those living in same-sex unions to retain their jobs with Church institutions.

In an announcement Tuesday, the German bishops’ conference in Bonn said the majority of bishops had ruled that immediate dismissal will only be a “last resort” for employees who are divorced and subsequently “remarry” or those living in a registered partnership.

Until now, such employees were required to be dismissed from such employment, although the rules were often ignored. The Church is the second-largest employer in Germany.

“An automatic dismissal may now in future be ruled as out of the question,” said Alois Glück, president of the Central Committee of German Catholics, the country’s top lay Catholic organization. From now on, he said, any public violation of loyalty to Church teachings must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

As limited as his reach seemed to be, can you imagine this kind of thing happening if Pope Benedict hadn't become sidelined?  It would be unfaithful to lay the blame of any of this on Pope Francis, right?  He's too holy to let that happen.  It's amazing how much he's just like the Pope we would get if they sort of muscled Pope Benedict out, isn't it?

The amendment, when enacted by a bishop, explicitly overturns a 2002 ecclesiastical law, which stipulated that all Church employees need to be loyal to the magisterium. Glück said the change “represents a substantial paradigm shift in the application of ecclesiastical law,” adding that the new regulation will “open the way” for decisions to be made in accordance with “human justice.”

The lack of unanimity among bishops means the new regulation is left to Germany’s 27 bishops to implement the reform in their dioceses. But in practice, it could be unlikely that any bishop will be able to resist the new measures. According to the official statement, the bishops’ conference is setting up “an additional working group” to examine the question of whether the Church’s labor law can be “more institutionally oriented” in a bid to make it a nationwide and uniform labor structure. The bishops’ conference has also instructed dioceses to publicize the changes in their diocesan newsletters. This is required to formally enact the law.

“I expect and hope this will happen everywhere,” Cardinal Rainer Woelki, the archbishop of Cologne, said in a May 6 interview with The cardinal, who headed the committee that drew up the new law, said the first objective of the amendment is to ensure “compliance with lived practice,” but denied the amendment in any way undermines the principle of the indissolubility of marriage.

Caritas Germany, which employs 591,000 staff, welcomed the change. President Peter Neher said Church institutions need a “broader understanding of the concept of loyalty” and that ecclesiastical labor law should reflect how the Catholic Church “stands alongside” those who live broken lives.

Everything is always about Caritas.

The erasure of the Faith is never an organic thing.  It's always a top-down leveraged affair.  The Christian Faith is natural.  It functions and it lives.  Murder, on the other hand, requires some force.


Read more at The Stumbling Block



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<![CDATA[ Liberation Theology Has Never Been Catholic...Until Now ]]>
Liberation Theology Has Never Been Catholic...Until Now

By Frank Walker

'Martyred for the Faith' just because he defended the poor and oppressed

John Zmirak responds to the recent revelations by a powerful KGB defector that Liberation Theology, so emulated and resurrected by the Franciscan Pontificate yet suppressed until now, was formulated in Soviet Russia.  After recapping the story and some well-known responses, including John Allen's accusation that the United States exported forms Protestantism south, he writes:

Whatever problems one might have with Pentecostalism, it is genuinely Christian, which Liberation Theology isn’t. It’s scarcely theology. And it doesn’t liberate. In Latin America, it served or serves as the pious fig-leaf for nasty dictatorships like the Sandinistas’ in Nicaragua, and the Chavistas’ in Venezuela. Its watered-down American version — popular among leftists who still claim to be Catholic — offers political cover for pro-abortion, anti-marriage lawmakers, who hope they can buy back their souls by dispensing some extra food stamps and reducing their carbon footprints.

Much worse than Liberation Theology’s worldly effects are the spiritual poisons it trades in: toxic envy, gut-gnawing resentment, a craving for the chance to mete out violence, a scorn for thrift and honest work and an acid cynicism that reduces every human relationship to a swap of money or power. All this in the name of Jesus.

These old lessons should be well-remembered in our time.

It doesn't seem that Communism or Liberation Theology have waned today.  Instead they have quickly become so pervasive in the world and in the Church that a free faithful alternative no longer exists with which to compare them.  The Faith is so rare and the propaganda machine is so vast, we are now almost entirely immersed in calculated lies.

Put briefly and starkly, Liberation Theology treats Jesus as a proto-revolutionary who came to save the poor from social injustice. The Kingdom of God is the earthly paradise which we will construct from the ruins of Satanic capitalism. The church serves the role of the Party, as the vanguard of the sacred class chosen by History (oops, I meant to say “Jesus”) to overturn the wicked “structures of sin,” and put the Sermon on the Mount into action at the point of a bayonet. The meek shall inherit the earth, once we’ve rounded up all the non-meek into gulags and confiscated their land. You know, the way the Soviets saved Ukraine from greedy farmers in the 1930s.

It sounds like thinly veiled Marxist theory, and that’s exactly what it is. As Norman Cohn and Eric Voegelin showed, Marx himself seized the Christian vision of a New Jerusalem after the Second Coming, dragged it into politics, and dressed it up in a white lab coat as a “scientific” prediction of a this-worldly utopia. Instead of the Second Coming, he inserted “the Revolution,” and in place of the Christian church he plugged in the proletariat and the Party. For decades, idealists around the world were willing to conspire, betray their country, go to prison, die — and wherever they came to power, to kill their fellow men by the tens of millions, and imprison millions more, to force Marx’s kingdom to come.

Leftism is always relentless, not because it works, but because it's evil. They never learn or give up.  There is no reason to stop trying and hating when you have an eternity before you.

The sordid failure of materialist Marxism to fulfill any — even one — of its messianic promises posed a problem for people who were still, for their own reasons, drawn to revolutionary fantasies that entailed gaining power, confiscating other people’s property and silencing them by force. History, it is perfectly clear, is not inexorably driven to produce a dictatorship of the proletariat. It took Soviet tanks to remind the workers of Hungary and Poland of what was good for them. It demanded concrete walls and barbed wire to stop the common people from fleeing “people’s” regimes by the millions, to live instead in wicked capitalist lands where they would be exploited. What to do, if you still find reality intolerable, and crave a revolution?

You turn to magic. You create a “god from a machine.” You twist people’s faith in Christ into the self-confidence of a conquering social class. You drag down their hope for heaven, and rope it to wishes for cheaper gas and more cassavas. You teach them that real love, tough love, amounts to a cold-blooded calculation about maximizing utility: To make that liberating omelet, Jesus wants you to crack some heads. Perversely, as Marxism by natural means began to collapse all around the world, liberation theologians tried to revive it by calling it Christian.

Look for this in the Pope's goals, in his allies, and in his rhetoric.  You won't have to look hard.



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<![CDATA[ Year of Mercy Prayer Much Like That Logo ]]>
Year of Mercy Prayer Much Like That Logo

By Frank Walker


Molding and pasting things awkwardly and inappropriately together

Pope Francis has composed a special prayer for his untimely Jubilee Year of Mercy.  It strikes a few of his common and somewhat troubling materialist notes.

Lord Jesus Christ, You have taught us to be merciful like the heavenly Father, and have told us that whoever sees you sees Him. Show us your face and we will be saved.

Your loving gaze freed Zacchaeus and Matthew from being enslaved by money; the adulteress and Magdalene from seeking happiness only in created things; made Peter weep after his betrayal, and assured Paradise to the repentant thief. Let us hear, as if addressed to each one of us, the words that you spoke to the Samaritan woman: “If you knew the gift of God!”

Tax collectors enslaved by money, prostitutes, and thieves are all materialistic sinners.  This message is a good one, it's just characteristically about money and things.

You are the visible face of the invisible Father, of the God who manifests his power above all by forgiveness and mercy: let the Church be your visible face in the world, its Lord risen and glorified.

Does God manifest his power above all by forgiveness and mercy? What about by his actual power, by his creation, or by his judgments.  Is mercy first?

Can the Church be God's visible face? Can the Church be it's Lord?

You willed that your ministers would also be clothed in weakness in order that they may feel compassion for those in ignorance and error: let everyone who approaches them feel sought after, loved, and forgiven by God.

Can people not 'clothed in weakness' feel compassion for others?

Send your Spirit and consecrate every one of us with its anointing, so that the Jubilee of Mercy may be a year of grace from the Lord, and your Church, with renewed enthusiasm, may bring good news to the poor, proclaim liberty to captives and the oppressed, and restore sight to the blind.

What is the good news that Pope Francis feels the Church brings to the poor?  Is it the Gospel, or is it some kind of liberation from poverty, or as he may call it, 'captivity and oppression?'


Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ FrancisChurch: See No, Hear No, Speak No...Or You're Evil! Liberation Theology Has Never Been Catholic…Until Now; German Bishops Continue to Shut Down the Church Militant; Year of Mercy Prayer Much Like That Logo ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

FrancisChurch: See No, Hear No, Speak No...Or You're Evil!


Liberation Theology Has Never Been Catholic…Until Now


German Bishops Continue to Shut Down the Church Militant


Year of Mercy Prayer Much Like That Logo




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<![CDATA[ If You Can't Find Someone Who Disturbs A Mosque's Peace, At Least You Can Hold Hands And Pretend ]]>
If You Can't Find Someone Who Disturbs A Mosque's Peace, At Least You Can Hold Hands And Pretend

By Frank Walker

Lifting up 'inclusivity' until the hammer comes down

At the Huffpo:

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati witnessed the power of interfaith solidarity on Sunday, when a little over 100 Muslims, Christians and Jews gathered to form a symbolic “peace ring” around the mosque’s entrance.

The group was inspired by a similar peace ring that was formed around a synagogue in Oslo, Norway in February following an attack against the Jewish community in Denmark earlier that month.

Event organizer Ericka King-Betts said she wanted to bring the same message of interfaith unity to her Cincinnati community. “We wanted to replicate that here in Cincinnati to show support for all faiths, and especially for the Muslim community,” King-Betts, executive director of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission, told The Huffington Post.

When she thought of the idea for a peace ring, she reached out to Shakila Ahmad, president of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, and Shabana Shakir-Ahmed, the mosque’s tours and talks chair, who jumped on board.

A synagogue gets attacked by Muslims in Oslo then surrounded with a 'peace ring,' and that inspired you to make one at a mosque?

Three interfaith community leaders spoke at the event, offering prayers for peace. Those gathered formed a semicircle around the Islamic center’s entrance, as King-Betts said the mosque was so big it would require “at least 1,000 people” to link arms around the entire structure -- a goal she said the group will work toward by making it a yearly event.

The power of Sunday’s gathering -- a “beautiful moment,” King-Betts said, when people of all ages and backgrounds stood side by side in prayer and reflection -- sent a message of interfaith solidarity that rings with greater potency in the wake of a shooting at an anti-Muslim event in Garland, Texas that occurred later that evening.

So Muslims try and kill cartoonists in Texas and that makes your peace ring around a mosque even more relevant and effective?  Why not surround the cartoonists with one?  Oh wait.  I know.

“There are small minded people out there that have really big voices, and all we can do is show them there are people of all different colors, walks of life and faiths that will support each other,” Shakir-Ahmed told HuffPost, referencing the shooting. “More so than ever we feel we need to continue what we’re doing.”

Who does he mean? The shooters didn't say anything.

For King-Betts, who said she was fed-up with reading “hate-laden comments” vilifying Islam on social media, Sunday’s event lifted up a message of inclusivity.

Hold hands then lift them up and the message of inclusivity will rise.  'Inclusivity' wasn't even a word ten years ago, was it?  I think these people are angry at that Draw Muhammad contest.

“We truly believe there are more people out here in this world that believe Islam is about love and unity,” she told HuffPost. “And we refuse to allow a small group of people to define what Islam is.”

Which small group is that?  Is it the one that kills or the one that complains about it?  Where do they dig up a thousand people for these circles?


Read more at The Stumbling Block





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<![CDATA[ Maradiaga Makes Another Blame America Visit ]]>
Maradiaga Makes Another Blame America Visit

By Frank Walker

We're going to accomplish great things together!

Catholic Culture Reports:

Honduran Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga visited Central Americans housed at a Texas detention center for migrant families, the Fides news agency reported.

The prelate, who serves as coordinator of the Council of Cardinals that advises the Pope, also spoke in San Antonio, where he called upon the United States to do more to curb domestic drug abuse.

“The drug money isn’t in Latin America,” he said. “It’s in the banks of the United States and Europe.”

So U.S. Americans buy drugs and Latin Americans sell them.  I guess if we bought and sold them both here in America then it would solve the problem of Latin American drug cartels?  Does the Cardinal want America to legalize more production of narcotics?  Aren't the prescription psychotropics enough trouble already?

Does illegal alien-processing Caritas Chief Cd. Maradiaga want more drug-related jail time and stiffer enforcement in America?  We already have the highest in the world.

No. I doubt the Cardinal wants either of those things.  I think he just wants to blame the United States for Latin American gangs and attack our financial industry.  He loathes capitalism and he has veiled contempt for this country.


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<![CDATA[ If Only Pope Francis Could Start Fleets of Ferries Running From Libya ]]>
If Only Pope Francis Could Start Fleets of Ferries Running From Libya

By Frank Walker

Problem solved.

South Florida's Sun Sentinel reports:

For the first time in five decades, the U.S. is allowing ferry service between Florida and Cuba.

At least four companies said they were notified Tuesday of approvals by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, the first since Washington imposed a trade embargo on Cuba.

Licensed were Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale, Baja Ferries of Miami, United Caribbean Lines Florida of Greater Orlando and Airline Brokers Co. of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

A Treasury spokeswoman confirmed approval of ferry licenses but would not say how many were approved. Cuba also must approve the operations.

"I'm very excited, because this is a historical event in U.S.-Cuba relations," said Havana Ferry's managing partner, Leonard Moecklin Sr.

The ferry companies plan to offer trips that would be less expensive than charter flights, while allowing more luggage free. Many Cuban-Americans haul down hefty supplies for family homes and new private businesses.

Two weeks ago NY Gov. Cuomo was in Cuba looking at a new port deal.  Now it seems several companies have been approved to run ferries.  It's cheaper than charter flights yes, but flying to Cuba has been generally restricted anyway.  Why all the new sea traffic?  Why the focus on human cargo?

President Obama since Dec. 17 has moved to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba and has eased travel and trade. The passenger ferries will be able to carry only authorized U.S. travelers to Cuba, including people in 12 categories who no longer need a license in advance to visit. Those categories include family visits as well as religious and educational activities, among others.

Americans still are not allowed to travel to Cuba for general tourism under the terms of the U.S. embargo, which remains in place. Only Congress can lift the embargo.

Only Congress can lift the embargo but Obama can give them twelve excuses to keep seven or so ferry companies busy.  My guess is there will be lots of one-way traffic.  That will free up empty boats to head back to Cuba with whatever heretofore illegal contraband Obama waves through.

Here's what companies are planning:

• Havana Ferry Partners hopes to launch its ferry service between Key West and Havana within weeks, possibly with a 200-passenger vessel, Moecklin said.

Good bye, Key West!

It also plans to add overnight ferry service later from Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Havana using a larger vessel that could carry 300 to 500 passengers, Moecklin said. Plus, it's eyeing Port Manatee on Tampa Bay as a gateway with Cuba.

Good bye, Tampa!

Prices are not set, but Moecklin said Havana Ferry aims to charge passengers roughly $300 to $350 roundtrip, less than the roughly $400 to $500 price for charter flights to Cuba. Passengers could be allowed up to 200 pounds of luggage free.

Why so much free luggage?

"We don't know the costs yet, because we don't know the costs on the Cuban side," Moecklin said. "I'm booking my flight to Cuba now" for talks with Cuban officials, he said.

Someone may cover the costs of the Cuban side, yes?  Hello Caritas!

• Baja Ferries USA, an affiliate of United Americas of Miami, is looking to launch overnight service to Cuba possibly three times a week. It has held meetings with Port Everglades, Port Manatee and other Florida seaports to offer service.

"We've been waiting for this," Baja Ferries executive Joe Hinson said of the license. The company already has ferry services in Mexico and between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Three shipments a week and that's just one company!

A few years ago in the middle of the night, while I was camping on one of the Florida Keys, a group of about fifty Cuban rafters floated ashore and were picked up and processed by immigration.  They were all ages, very happy and celebrating like it was midday, wearing thirty year-old clothes, and without one cell phone.  It's a dangerous choice, especially if they get wind of it before you go.

So today, in the Francis/Obama Cuba Era, thousands of weekly Cubans will pay twice their annual salaries to come visit?  Were the conditions which made it necessary for people to risk the lives of children somehow eliminated?  Was that entire rafter phenomenon America's fault, because nothing has changed on the Island from what I can tell.

Things are very different here though.  This isn't about faith or charity.  It's about turning Florida into a blue state, and that goal has nothing to do with Catholicism.  People who float over in rafts to escape Communist tyrants may vote Republican.  People who sneak over in ferries probably don't.

Thank you, Pope Francis!  Now if you could just get a ferry system in place from Libya to Italy, you could make real progress on that new economic system with the human person at the center, instead of profit.

Maybe it's time to stand on a rock at Lampedusa and scold people again.


Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ Weigel: You Bickering Zealots Miss the Point of the Climate Encyclical ]]>
Weigel: You Bickering Zealots Miss the Point of the Climate Encyclical

By Frank Walker

George Weigel thinks Catholic conservatives are spending so much time in petty bickering they don't see the miracles in the Pope's upcoming encyclical. We're just like the Apostles battling over Zealots.

On and on they go for weeks, while paying virtually no attention to these episodes in the Lucan account: the Annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel and Mary’s Magnificat; the story of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem; the presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple, the prophecies of Simeon and Anna, and Simeon’s Nunc dimittis; the finding of the boy Jesus in the Temple; the Gadarene swine, possessed by demons cast out by Jesus, who go charging into the lake of Galilee; the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector; the story of Zaccheus’s conversion; the parable of the wicked tenants; the story of the Good Thief, whom Jesus forgives from the Cross; the story of the disciples who meet the Risen Lord on the road to Emmaus; and the ascension from Bethany. What with the spin battles over “Simon who was called the Zealot” — spin battles set in motion months before the Gospel was published — the combatants ignore almost everything that is unique, and most that is important, about Luke’s telling of the story of Jesus.

Which we would, I hope, think a shame: For the sake of scoring points in an ideological tug-of-war, the combatants missed the main point of Luke’s Gospel and the distinctiveness of its perspective on the life, teaching, ministry, and Resurrection of the Lord.

Something like this, I suggest, has been underway for months now in anticipation of Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical on humanity and the natural world. Late last year, a third-tier Vatican official with a taste for gauchiste politics and self-promotion gave an interview to the Guardian, suggesting that the encyclical would be, in effect, a papal endorsement of the U.N.’s approach to issues of climate change: a piece of spin the leftist British paper was more than happy to highlight, although doing so required the Guardian to take a brief break from its usual Catholic-bashing. Thanks to the Internet, an article based on that interview instantly leapt the Atlantic, and, just as instantly, Catholic skeptics about both climate-change science and Pope Francis went into panic mode, warning that the pope was going to write something that would align Catholicism with Al Gore, Tim Wirth, and the worshippers of Gaia. None of the parties to this dispute, which has now continued for almost half a year, has seen a draft of the encyclical. But all of them are quite sure that it’s a “global-warming encyclical” — just as my fictitious combatants in the first century were sure that Luke’s Gospel was all about the Zealot party — and have taken up the rhetorical cudgels accordingly.Nothing to see here.

An enormous UN conference, a series of meeting with the Obama EPA Chief, and a mountain of ridiculous statements are all just silly fears and fantasies.  The Global Warming Encyclical will be a new deposit of Christian wisdom.

Weigel goes on to blame the blogs, blame the press, blame Francis, his socialist language, and his predecessors.

Finally he blames the Vatican Press Office then tells us we're all going to miss the point.

But I’m also reasonably confident that a lot of this is going to be missed by those who have already made a huge investment of time, energy, and credibility in taking what will be one facet of a comprehensive papal discussion of humanity and the natural world and making it into the whole story. As I suggested a few months after his election, Pope Francis has become a global Rorschach blot, onto whom are projected an extraordinary number of hopes and fears, fantasies and anxieties. This Rorschaching of the Pope has gotten to the point where, now, it’s very difficult to find the real man and his authentic teaching amidst the pre-spin, the spin, and the post-spin. That the Vatican press office has proven incapable of coping with this is another sign that the deep reform that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope to undertake has yet to be achieved in full. And that deficiency is, alas, likely to be on full display when the pope’s encyclical is finally released.

A Rorschach blot!  I'm critical but I wouldn't call Pope Francis that.


Read more at The Stumbling Block




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<![CDATA[ If Only Pope Francis Could Start Fleets of Ferries Running From Libya; Maradiaga Makes Another Blame America Visit; If You Can’t Find Someone Who Disturbs A Mosque’s Peace, At Least You Can Hold Hands And Pretend; Weigel: You Bickering Zealot ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

If Only Pope Francis Could Start Fleets of Ferries Running From Libya


Maradiaga Makes Another Blame America Visit


If You Can’t Find Someone Who Disturbs A Mosque’s Peace, At Least You Can Hold Hands And Pretend


Weigel: You Bickering Zealots Miss the Point of the Climate Encyclical






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<![CDATA[ Francis Effect: Al Gore ]]>
Francis Effect: Al Gore

By Frank Walker

I’m startled and thrilled to the marrow of my bones by the clarity of his moral force.


At Climate Depot, Marc Morano brings up the tragic and relentless figure of Al Gore, yet another frightening admirer of the Vicar of Christ today.

Al Gore announced on April 29, 2015 that Pope Francis’s global warming advocacy could turn the former Vice President into a Catholic. Gore was speaking during the Dean’s Speaker Series at the University of California Berkeley.

Partial transcript of Gore’s remarks: ” I think Pope Francis is quite an inspiring figure really. A phenomena. I’ve been startled with the clarity of the moral force that he embodies. He kind of raises in a new context the old question: “Is the Pope Catholic?” (laughter)

“That’s a joke by the way.

They say every joke has some truth to it.  This one has too much for laughs.  Let's unpack.

Pope Francis is inspiring: He is stirring my spirit, affecting me spiritually.

He is a phenomena: He has a supernatural quality which can't be named or explained through science.

"I’ve been startled with the clarity of the moral force that he embodies.": This is excellent liberal-speak.  On it's face it is meaningless babble but it is stated for it's intended effects.

Like St. Paul on his horse my high liberal intellect was struck and shocked somehow by Pope Francis.  We know that the Church is not only a source of moral laws, but a force which we have always attacked, and nothing more than a succession of popes wielding influence.  Pope Francis embodies that moral force since he is now the Church itself, only this time the force is clear and reasonable not murky and confused, and everyone can follow it.

“Well I’ve said publicly in the last year, I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, I could become a Catholic because of this Pope. He is that inspiring to me. And I know the vast majority of my Catholic friends are just thrilled to the marrow of their bones that he is providing this kind of spiritual leadership.”

So Francis embodies such a startling, thrilling NewChurch that even Al Gore is ready to join up. If we can get him, imagine what kinds of converts we can dredge up!  Keep watching those numbers.

Al Gore is no more a Catholic than he was a Baptist.  They don't need him either, but he'd make a great bishop these days.


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<![CDATA[ Archbishop Blase Cupich, Democrat Shill ]]>
Archbishop Blase Cupich, Democrat Shill

By Frank Walker

Call 'em bullies! Call 'em racists!


Truth Revolt asks why the new Archbishop of Chicago has the nerve to speak of illegal immigration as if it were 'God's agenda.'

Where are truth-loving Catholics supposed to look for a Church that isn't in the pocket of anti-Catholic hate today?  Either it is evil to be conservative or these bishops are pretenders.  Is it 'love' to hand political power to the true enemies of God and man?

True to his claim that immigration reform is "God's agenda," Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich has been cozying up to pro-abortion Democrats to get his social justice initiatives underway. 

On Sunday, the Archbishop joined Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Il), a dissident Roman Catholic with a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL on abortion issues, at the Temple Jeremiah synagogue in Northfield, Illinois, to discuss how people can support the cause of immigration reform. Democrats hope reform will translate into largely Catholic Hispanics voting for pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage Democrats in order to gain citizenship. 

Speaking before an audience of 300 people, Cupich urged everyone to speak with friends and neighbors about the issue, and to stand up to bullies wherever they find them.

"Look for ways to tell our heritage stories and tell your representatives how you feel," Cupich said. "Speak out, and don't let racist comments go by."

Thanks, my Archbishop, for encouraging people to hate me, call me bully, call me bigot, shout me down and insult me. The rule of law, patriotism, security, happiness, peace and prosperity; those things are ugly excuses people like me use to hate.

Is Dick Durbin a friend of the Church?  Is he moral? Is he honest?  Does he care whether people live or die?  Why is he not a racist or a bully too, Archbishop? Is Dick Durbin a Christian or a ruthless opportunist?  Why must you collaborate with him?  Why do you find so much in common?

With his eyes on the 2016 presidential election, Dick Durbin subtly reminded people that the more they organize Hispanic voters, the more likely another pro-abortion, pro-immigration reform Democrat would end up in the White House.

"If we add 2 million new voters, that would change the debate for president," he said of the 2016 election. "They will have an impact."

Sounds good to me.  Just come out and say it!  No need to hide now that you have the face of the Catholic Church attached to your destructive plans. We want to put another Democrat in the White house.  This will have impact!

If you feel under the gun for your Faith today, wait another two years.

Thank you, powerful new FrancisBishop of Chicago, for being above politics and a friend to the vulnerable, the suffering, the voiceless, and the marginalized; in other words an enemy of the faithful followers of Christ.


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<![CDATA[ Notre Dame Hosts Uni-Pole Conference Against Catholic Polarization ]]>
Notre Dame Hosts Uni-Pole Conference Against Catholic Polarization

By Frank Walker

Putting principles over politics


At RNS news, Jacob Lupfer writes:

Americans of all stripes bemoan political polarization. For people who claim to derive their political values from their religious traditions, polarization raises vexing questions. More than perhaps any other group, faithful Catholics struggle to reconcile their church’s teachings with the platforms of the two major parties.

Do all Americans bemoan polarization?  I thought only liberal politicians did that as a backhanded form of attack?  They want a uni-party.

And what is so difficult about reconciling Catholic teaching with politics?  That's only hard if you're unfaithful.  There's no liberal policy that a good Catholic can endorse without enabling stealing, cheating, oppressing, killing, immorality, or hatred of God.

Last week at the University of Notre Dame, an ideologically diverse group of Catholic leaders gathered to discuss how political polarization affects Catholic life in the United States. Under the theme “Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal,” the conference sought to change the tone of political engagement by priests, lay people and the hierarchy.

Ideologically diverse?  If you took part that meeting you were either an actor or an enabler.

Conservative evangelicals can be faithful Republicans because their churches affirm the GOP’s social conservatism and sexual traditionalism but they speak only timidly on matters of economics, deferring to and accepting (if not outright sanctifying) market forces. Mainline Protestant denominations’ political teachings align neatly with the Democratic Party’s platform. This includes robust support for abortion rights and, increasingly, same-sex marriage.

Free markets are not something Southern Baptists 'sanctify' as if they were animists.  A free market is just people giving their time and property to each other.  If you don't think that's moral, then you must believe stealing and oppression is.

People have a God-given right to give and exchange what's theirs.  They are obligated to use their gifts in a Christian way, but it is not your place to force them.  True charity (love) requires freedom.  Liberals don't value love so they don't understand freedom.  They want control, 'equality,' and materialist results.  The truths behind a free market are natural rights, not un-Catholic idols.

Moderate evangelicals, black Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox traditions cut across the two major parties. But since the Catholic Church spans the breadth and depth of America’s political landscape, it is important for Catholics to model Christian political engagement in a context of partisan and ideological polarization.


Robert McElroy, the newly installed Catholic bishop of San Diego, gave a brilliant speech last year about the moral dilemmas of partisanship. While acknowledging the parties’ role in nurturing mass participation in politics, he cautioned against the ways both parties can be hostile to human dignity and the common good.

No polarizing 'partisan' there, McElroy.

For the Christian citizen, parties pose a paradox. It is a good thing that we have ideologically distinct parties that will, when in power, pursue different policy goals. But when partisans — whether elected officials or ordinary voters — abandon their religious principles in order to fall in line with their party, Christian political engagement ceases to exist.

Nothing serves the interests of political parties more than interest groups that use religious rhetoric to promote secular ideologies and add, “Thus saith the Lord.” And Washington is full of them.

So is the American hierarchy.  Mr. Lupfer closes:

Polarization challenges Catholics more acutely than it challenges many other religious adherents. They should seek ways to promote fuller expressions of their church’s humane teachings in both parties. In elevating principles above party loyalty, they can witness to their faith and model authentically Christian political engagement.

But you must have principles in the first place.


Read more at The Stumbling Block





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<![CDATA[ Communism, Global Warming, the Church, and You ]]>
Communism, Global Warming, the Church, and You

By Frank Walker

Is this a new Catholic Church? Wait, I don't see kneelers.


At 'Blog for Dallas Area Catholics' Tantumblogo has no illusions about the origins and ends of the Global Warming offense.

Some of the very, very first laws the Bolsheviks put into effect upon taking power in the former Imperial Russia were laws not just allowing, but encouraging divorce, contraception, and abortion.  Why in heavens would that be one of their earliest moves?  What could they possibly have to gain from diabolical efforts?  Control.

The left, most admittedly in its pure and distilled form of communism, but in all its forms, seeks to control people on a level never dreamed of by the most benighted despots of the past.  They seek not just control over  your political activities, or your economic life, or of your social involvements, but all these things plus much more besides.  They seek to control your inner thoughts and your relationship with God.  The left, as I have argued many times in the past, is ultimately at war with the Christian God and has been for hundreds of years.

How is religion most intimately and effectively communicated from one generation to the next?  The family.  How can the left ever pry us stubborn God-botherers away from our magic talks with God unless they destroy the family and stand up the state in its stead?  And how can one destroy the family, anyway?  Well……turning sex into a competitive sport and loosing all the checks and balances God provided on human reproductive behavior was, and remains, a great place to start.  So you legalize divorce, fornication, contraception, and especially baby murder, and go from there.  As we have seen in this country, a few decades of such legalization will lead society to the precipice of self-destruction.  And even after the regime that foisted such evils on the people goes away, the evils remain for decades after.  Witness Russia today, with still one of the world’s highest abortion rates, and general death-wishing nihilism driving incredibly high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, producing one of the lowest life expectancies for men of any largely developed nation.

Communism is nothing if not relentless.  They tried the direct method of competition with the more capitalist West and failed.  So now they are trying manifold other, less obvious but more insidious methods, like cultural marxism and environmentalism.  But these replacements are no different from their predecessor, and contain all the same assumptions and desires that the old Soviet state did – total control over the lives and thoughts of everyone on earth, the destruction of the family, the “death” of God.  Cultural marxism and environmentalism are of course as tied up in the sexular pagan death cult as the most fire-breathing Bolshevist of Stalin’s days.

Which brings me to the main point – this recent highly publicized and very important “climate conference” or “conference on sustainable development” at the Vatican.  Yes there have been highly unfortunate flirtations with the left wing socialists at the UN and in the environmental movement by the Vatican before, but never with such official approbation, and never with so much influence on official papal documents of doctrinal import. I say influence, because the Vatican itself widely reported that the meeting between Pope Francis and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, as well as the entirely one-sided conferences organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, were oriented towards providing input for the upcoming papal encyclical on “climate change” and sustainable development.  As I noted in the link above, the conferences featured some of the most prominent pro-aborts and population control zealots in the world today.  That pro-abort maximalists like Jeffrey Sachs (abortion on demand at public expense and without apology) were given a platform to speak – even if “only” on a subject intimately related to their population control obsessions, “climate change” and sustainable development – is hugely scandalous in its own rite.  But to openly tie this platform with the upcoming encyclical is completely unprecedented.

You can read the rest here.

This ugly unity between the worldwide Left and the NewChurch, emerging at Benedict's abdication, and clear since Francis walked out on the balcony; is impossible to ignore.  It is not the place of the Christ's Bride to collaborate with these actors and enable their murderous worldy goals and frauds.  That is simply not Catholic.  It's the opposite.

What do we do with this encyclical then?  What will it mean for our Church?


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<![CDATA[ Archbishop Blase Cupich: Democrat Shill; Francis Effect: Al Gore; Notre Dame Hosts Uni-Pole Conference Against 'Catholic' Polarization; Communism, Global Warming, the Church, and You ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

Archbishop Blase Cupich: Democrat Shill


Francis Effect: Al Gore


Notre Dame Hosts Uni-Pole Conference Against 'Catholic' Polarization


Communism, Global Warming, the Church, and You



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<![CDATA[ Gushing Praise from Obama in Advance of Francis Visit ]]>
Gushing Praise from Obama in Advance of Francis Visit

By Frank Walker

                      Another World Leader Wins Coveted Embrace


At the Washington Post:

Pope Francis will visit Washington, D.C. Sept. 22 to Sept. 25, the Archdiocese of Washington confirmed on Tuesday. President Obama hinted at what he expects to speak with Pope Francis when they meet in September at the White House, including poverty, climate change and conflict in the Middle East.

Conflict in the Middle East? Maybe Pope Francis will ask the President to stop creating it.

Obama said they will likely talk about reducing conflict and reducing war in the Middle East “where Christians have been viciously attacked.” Pope Francis has become a force in foreign policy, regularly speaking out against the persecution of Christians.

Yes, but what has this accomplished?  He runs on a lot about dialogue and pacifism, coddles dictators, UN Tyrants, and terrorists, and blasts free markets too.

The leaders will also likely talk about climate change, Obama said in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal. Pope Francis is poised to weigh in on climate change with an encyclical this summer.

The following section is from the Journal’s interview released today.

Seib: What are you going to tell him? What do you expect he’s going to want to tell you?

Obama: Well, I’ve had the honor of meeting him already once, an extraordinary individual, I think, a transformative leader, not just within the Catholic Church but globally.

Why are liberals always being transformative?  Aren't they happy with the nasty ways they already are?  And why is everything always global?  Isn't ruining their own families and neighborhoods and running their own cities into the ground enough?  When will leftist world leaders stop celebrating how Pope Francis is turning Christianity into their vehicle to ride the globe into Hell?  Don't they see how they give themselves away?

And excluding the pervasive hype, what is so extraordinary about Pope Francis, other than the fact that he can awkwardly blend bits of vague sentiment into something wishful thinkers can pretend is Catholic teaching?  (He does have a unique way with words.)  What is extraordinary though, is that an anti-Christian like Obama, who is never loose with his praise, can gush over the Vicar of Christ today.

That's rare in the extreme.


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<![CDATA[ Science is Criminal at Vatican/UN Climate Pow Wow ]]>
Science is Criminal at Vatican/UN Climate Pow Wow

By Frank Walker

                                        Down for the Unholy Cause


At Breitbart James Delingpole reports:

Papal heavies shut down an awkward question at a Vatican press conference today when a journalist asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon his views on climate sceptics.

Marc Morano, covering the Vatican climate conference for Climate Depot, asked Ban Ki-Moon whether he had a message for the Heartland Institute delegation of scientists who have flown to Rome to urge the Pope to reconsider his ill-advised position climate change.

But before he could finish the conference hosts interrupted to ask which organisation he worked for, then directed the microphone to a more tame questioner, while a security guard came over to mutter in Morano’s ear “You have to control yourself or you will be escorted out of here.”

Not a peep of a smidgen of a question about science permitted during this 'catholic' event, only about what to do about the climate Armageddon.

Morano, together with Christopher Monckton (one of the Heartland delegation) and your correspondent, only narrowly made it into the carefully stage-managed conference where – as known climate sceptics – they were apparently not welcome.

“Ah. So you made it in here?” said a somewhat surprised looking member of the Vatican press team to Morano, when he realised that he had bypassed the Vatican’s security and infiltrated the press pack who had come to cover the conference.

As luck would have it, a heaven-sent shower of torrential rain had created such chaos that security wasn’t as tight as it might have been.

God intervened to thwart the Catholic Church leaders' infamous plans?  I thought they were on His side?

However, the three sceptics (Morano, Monckton, Delingpole) were watched very carefully throughout the proceedings lest they attempt to ruffle the feathers of key speakers Ban Ki-Moon, left-wing economist Jeffrey Sachs and Cardinal Turkson, the Ghanaian priest who has been co-ordinating the Vatican’s position on “climate change.”

In the end, Secretary-General Ban did answer a similar question, albeit one expressed more delicately by a journalist from the Catholic media, when he was asked what his views were on those members of the Catholic community who had reservations about the Pope’s position on climate change.

Perhaps this was a response to Ban’s rather bold and very moot declaration that “Religion and science are united on the need for action on climate.”

Isn't the outrageously-treated Heartland Institute comprised mainly of scientists, and acting on their behalf?

“I don’t think faith leaders should be scientists,” said Ban, in reply to the question. “I’m not a scientist. What I want is their moral authority. Business leaders and all civil society is on board [with the mission to combat climate change]. Now we want faith leaders. Then we can make it happen.”

I'm not a scientist.  'Faith leaders aren't scientists.  Only scientists are scientists and they ALREADY KNOW THERE IS GLOBAL WARMING!


Why is it that these Hitlerian expressions must be as insane as they are brutal?  Why do modern societies always seem to crash in the wake of these pitiful assertions and dogmas?  We are the master race, destined to rule the earth!

Global Warming is false from every angle.  It doesn't exist, and even if it did it would still have nothing to do with all the things they blame upon it, and nothing they propose doing will ever impact it.  It's a perfect nothing, except for the fact that every living mouth on the planet may only speak of it as true.

Even Christians.


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<![CDATA[ Science is Criminal at Vatican/UN Climate Pow Wow; Gushing Praise from Obama in Advance of Francis Visit ]]>
PewSitter NewsBytes

By Frank Walker

Science is Criminal at Vatican/UN Climate Pow Wow


Gushing Praise from Obama in Advance of Francis Visit



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<![CDATA[ Vatican Approved Nurses Speak Up at UN ]]>
Vatican Approved Nurses Speak Up at UN

By Frank Walker

The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants is a Vatican based Non-governmental Organization in existance since the inception of the United Nations. This year a revitalized contingent of nurses were selected to give a statement to the UN Population and Development Committee at the 48th Session. A firm, pro-life, pro-family approach to the Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years was urged in the name of Catholic ethics and morals.

The U.S. Delegation writes:

   The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants (CICIAMS)is in consultative status as an NGO (Non-governmental Organization). Located within Vatican City, the International Catholic Nurses were represented by four American nurses who serve as delegates to the United Nations. They are committed to bringing acceptable solutions to the current discussions on the upcoming 2015 Sustainable Development Goals in New York, New York, April 13-17, 2015 . The nurses are Dr. Patricia Sayers, MSN, DNP, RN, Maria Arvonio, BSN, MA, RN, Marion Nowak, Med, MPh DNP, RN and Patricia Staley, RN

     During the recent 48th Session of the Commission on Population and Development Dr. Patricia Sayers, MSN, DNP, RN presented a statement of the concerns of CICIAMS on the population reduction methods used currently and the ethical and moral consequences of the present programs to limit births around the globe. Other considerations such as subsidiarity in all programs, required informed consent for all planned methods of fertility control, the factual medical information for contraception and abortion, and the testimony of the nurses that these methods are alarmingly harming women.

     The full statement is included below. There was a three minute limit for each statement. The International Catholic Committee of Nurses were one of only two NGOs giving life affirming testimony to the UN Commission on Population and Development. The other was the respected UN research and policy organization C-Fam. Most of the NGOs were represented by young post-college women demanding cultural and economic support for comprehensive sex education, sexual freedom for all and contraception and abortion provided to all citizens of the world.



Statement by:

International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants

Comite International Catholique des Infermeres et Assistanties Medico-Sociales (CICIAMS)

Oral Presentation – 3 Minute Limit

48th Session of the Commission on Population and Development

New York, New York       April 13-17, 2015


Secretariat of the Commission, distinguished panel members and guests:

Health is foundational to all human endeavors. Nurses provide 90% of healthcare world-wide and in many disparate and remote areas, nurses are frequently the sole healthcare provider. Global nursing will greatly influence 2015 SDG achievements. Our international organization offers the following statements regarding fertility health, child spacing, individual/family health, cultural competency, subsidiarity, human rights, and sustained development.    

Cultural Competency

Health and healing involve the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Persons regardless of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, and economic status benefit from culturally sensitive care and related accommodations.


Involvement of individuals, families, and communities in their own health fosters responsibility and relieves the global community of burden. The family has the greatest motivation to reduce mortality and disease among members due to proximity and relationship among loved ones.

Human Rights

“… all patients have a fundamental right…to consent to or to refuse treatment, and to be informed about relevant risk …”, advises The World Health Organization ( WHO n.d.). The three elements of informed consent include: patient competency and decision making ability; risk and benefit disclosure; and identification of alternatives. Coercion of young girls, young boys, woman, and men must be forbidden.

Sustained Development

Organizations need to work together to build and to maintain schools of nursing near locations underserved and/or identified as disaster prone to improve and sustain regional resources.

Fertility Health, Child Spacing, and Individual/Family Health

Fertility is an integral part of total self. Understanding the body, fertility and life cycle development from human conception to human adulthood is paramount. It is of concern, that the primary method of fertility suppression is hormonal manipulation via estrogen, which is a Class I carcinogenic, and via progesterone, which is linked to blood clotting that causes stroke and heart attack in women of childbearing years and cancer. The widely distributed Depo Provera is found to have a 3.3 fold risk of poor prognosis, triple negative breast cancer. However, overlooked are the modern methods of fertility care such as the Creighton Model, that are ninety-five percent effective, natural, easily taught from mother to daughter, and free. Compounding the burden women bear in fertility, is that tragically over 43 million pre-born children are aborted yearly. Abortion risks future fertility, breast cancer, and Post-abortion Syndrome, among many other risks. In an effort to limit the gift of children born, the programs utilized are harming women.



A closing quote: Mother Theresa, United Nations, October 26, 1985

“…let us make a strong resolution that in our countries,…in our cities, we will not allow a single child to feel unwanted, to feel unloved,…And let us help each other to strengthen, …that in our countries that terrible law of killing innocents, of destroying life, destroying the presence of God, be removed from our country,…from our people, from our families…as we see God in each other, we will be able to live in peace, and if we live in peace, we will be able to share the joy of loving each other and God will be with us.



We Thank You.













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