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Browser Plug-in, Seeks Faithful Catholic News Clippers

By Staff Writer

April 16, 2010 - Pewsitter.com, the most comprehensive Catholic News Portal on the Internet, has released today, 1-click browser plug-in for readers to send news stories to Pewsitter.

Pewsitter.com's goal, with the release of this plug-in, is to enlist several hundred "News Clippers" that are daily web surfers and news readers to use the plug-in to send relevant stories of importance to the site - thereby augmenting the site's existing news gathering system.

Pewsitter has an extensive automated news gathering system. Every day this system searches thousands of new stories for information that is of interest to its Catholic readers. Of the Catholic news sites, we have one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive news gathering systems on the web. However, no amount of technology can ever replace a person's insight and judgment - - and that's why the News Clipper was developed.

The News Clipper plug in works with most browsers and both MAC and Windows OS's. More information about the News Clipper is available from the website, including a Registration Form for people that are interested in becoming Pewsitter News Clippers. www.pewsitter.com/news_clipper.html

Pewsitter.com is a Catholic News portal. Often referred to as the "Catholic Drudge", Pewsitter.com scours hundreds of news sources, several times daily, to bring its readers the most up-to-date news related to the Catholic Church, culture wars, moral issue of the day, religion, and religion in the public square.

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By Austin Ruse

Austin rus is present of C-FAM (Catholic Family & Human Rights institute) aNew York and Washington DC-based reaserch institute focusing on international legal and social policy

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