Catholic Press Release Service
For Diocesan Newspapers

Pewsitter provides access to its emailing service to contact the Diocesan Newspaper Editors on a case by case basis. In most cases there will be a modest fee associated with the use of this service, but in certain cases we may opt to waive the fee.

While Pewsitter makes every attempt to keep the email addresses in its database current and accurate, we do not guarantee their deliverability or accuracy. Beyond our email, it will be important for you to follow up with the newspaper editors directly, by phone or email. You can find a list of them here on our website.

Below is the list of items that can be customized when using this service.

Subject line : Can be personalized.
Body : Can be personalized (including html with hyperlinks). Also included can be ONE picture.
Attachment : None - but you can upload attachments such as images or aditional information and include a link to them at the bottom of the email that is sent.

The above information including the exact content of what is to be mailed must be provided to Pewsitter before the mailing can be sent.

Under NO circumstances will Pewsitter give away,
rent, or sell its mailing list.

If you are interested in Pewsitter’s Email Service to Diocesan Newspaper Editors, please complete and submit the form below.  We will respond within 2 business days and let you know if we agree to your request.  Our normal fee for the use of this service is $89/mailing.   Our approval is contingent upon a final review of the exact information being mailed.

As a general rule, we will NOT agree to the use of this service for purposes which, in our sole opinion and judgment, advocate, promote, or support activities, issues or actions that are not faithful to the magisterial teaching of the Church.






Beyond just sending your press release to the diocesan newspapers we suggest you follow up with them shortly after we send your press release. You can find the contact names, emails and phone numbers on the diocesan pages found on our site, whitch can be found here.

Here is an example of what one of our Press Release Emails to the Diocesan News Editors looks like.