Contact The Bishop, Diocese, Or Newspaper.

This free service provided by Pewsitter will give you dioceses' specific contact information. It includes the mailing address, the website URL, a telephone number, and a contact form for the bishop, the URL of the diocesan newspaper, and the name and email address of the editor of that newspaper. All of the contact information we provide you is in the public domain. We have simply gathered it all together in one place to make it more accessible.

We have used our best efforts to ensure that this data is correct, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please note, in some cases we may NOT have the actual email address of the bishop, but rather his secretary or personal assistant.

While we encourage you to use this service and contact your diocese or your local bishop, we request that you use this service in an appropriate manner. Specifically, the Church asks that any issue you may have should first be addressed to your parish priest. If after doing so, no satisfactory resolution has been achieved, only then should you contact your bishop. Please remember that bishops are the successors of the Apostles, please treat them with the dignity due them by virtue of their office.

Please choose your diocese from the drop down list to the right, this will take you to the contact information for that diocese.