Pewsitter.com was established to give the Catholic lay faithful a voice in the matters of the Church. In response to Vatican II's call for the "full and active" participation of the laity, Pewsitter enables and encourages the laity of the Church to submit news articles, events, and even audio/video copies of their favorite homilies to share with other Catholics.

Pewsitter.com provides a voice for the Catholic lay faithful and allows them to stay abreast with what is happening in the Church on a local, national and international basis. It provides a forum and a means to communicate with the Universal Church as well as with their local Church by reporting news events within their local parish and dioceses that would not be other wise reported.

Pewsitter also encourages the laity to share the concerns, praise, opinions and thoughts with the Church hierarchy. Though we recognize that the Church is not a democracy, and that matters of faith and morals are not open to debate, feedback provided by the laity regarding issues, problems, and shortcomings as well as praise and complements for good, wholesome, positive, and spiritual events, will assist the hierarchy in accomplishing the mission to which they have been entrusted — spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is Pewsitter's objective to do this with complete fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Contact Us

Please email us at info(at)pewsitter.com

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